What is Manny Doing to this site?

I just sat through a very insulting presentation called "How to reverse your Diabetes (really) in 21 days" and I have never been so insulted in my life. In the end, you nneeded to put in your credit card....thats when I quit. Really? Type 2, Type 1, Late onset, pre-diabetes, doesnt matter. This guy will cure you...and stop the madness. No way. I cant believe this scheister is on this site! This place had been a great place to go to daily and share and learn! NOT ANYMORE!

Why would you watch a presentation by that name? I think the more prudent action would be to send a note to the site administrators notifying them of the post. There’s no perfect net for bad posts, your expectations are unrealistic.

Steve D,
I am sorry you received that SPAM email (I also received it). The individual who sent it was removed from the community within seconds (literally) of having sent it out.

Please rest assured that we strive to make sure no spammers join the community. It is because of that (as you may remember, when you first joined), we have a membership approval process. However, in spite of our best efforts to keep spammers at bay on occasion they do join and the kinds of messages you received get sent.

Know that in no way does the SPAM you were exposed to reflect even remotely what we believe in at Diabetes Hands Foundation or the values we hold near and dear on TuDiabetes.



I'm not sure I follow. There's a link somewhere on this site that is titled that?
Where is the link to this presentation so that I can look into it further?

Oh! That link.

Yes, Steve, I actually suspended that member myself just a few minutes ago.

We do apologize for spammers like this slipping through the approval process from time to time. We do our best to shield the community from blatant nonsense like that, but unfortunately, we are not perfect and they are fairly tricky at looking/seeming to be a real person who is affected by diabetes.

Please stick around and let us make it up to you with some good/useful content (we really DO want people to share and learn!)!

Manny I love this site and the work you do. This site has saved me numerous times. I don't think you need to do anything different. I agree as soon as somebody sees something this bad they should have sent it direct to the administrator

Steve D,

Am sorry for what you had experienced, I advice you to be more careful and forward any fishy messages or promotions to one of the admin group. They can be reached by the lower right corner of any page on the site.

The internet is full of these kind of people/promotions, the best way to avoid such a thing is to be careful and don't trust anyone. It is not the site or the admins to blame, only the bad users/ spammers. Stay ALERT!

It is just a reminder of what cruel people are out there trying to take advantage of people who already have a tough road, though manageable by diligence and patience. If only that guy could walk in our shoes. Hope you will reconsider as we need to support each other and this site helps me greatly.