What is most important in times like these?

Thought I’d share this post I wrote on my blog:

Funny, that you blogged about this. haha. My co worker calls me Cheery…lol she ask me everyday why I am so happy and I told her I don’t have a reason not to be. I have food, clothes, shelter, good health and a beautiful family! Those are great reason’s to smile and be happy. Things happen for a reason and sometimes they are out of our control. Smile, it could always be worse.
Voting- I think people have given up on voting…I know it’s sad but it’s true. I haven’t at least I can say my voice was heard…lol I could go on and on…lol good Blog post


It is great Manny you wrote about this very difficult time for the whole world caused by greed, greed and greed. I heard about the man who shot his family and himself when lost his job. Things are getting very difficult in our area as well. Minimising our spending and bonding with family in such time is important as you mentioned. Turning to God as always for support is the driving force to get through difficult time.

I was in a bit of a funk yesterday (prob because of erratic BGs all day) and he quickly reminded me how ,lucky we are-to be together (we just celebrated or 32nd wedding anniversary); as last year this time I was in the hospital fighting for my life (got out of the hospital on Holloween) and we weren’t sure we would have more…so LIFE is good…

and I am going to be a Grandma in march!