What is my day like

everyday I get up and get ready for the day,
make my Type 2 diabetic husbands oatmeal, tomatoe juice breakfast, then drive to my sister’s house.
She was widowed suddenly in December of 2006 , and I help her out. I am the Nanny.
I get the 3 kids up, fed, dressed, lunches packed and the two older ones go to school . They are a freshman and junior in high school.
I take the younger one, 7th grade this year to school.
So far in the last 7 school days, have had one home 5 days.
I am happy doing this job, take the kids to the Doctor etc.
The difference it makes in their family-having the Aunty to do this instead of pyaying a stranger- is my pleasure to do this for them.
After that I go home and do dishes, etc.
Then by 10 I head over to my daughters house to work for her at Henna Caravan.
I usually work 4-6 hours and then go home to cook, etc.
I love my life, I love helping my family.
I have hyperinsulinemia, and need to follow a strict diet or I will be diabetic.
In my free time I love to sew, dance, listen to music, cook, etc.

Wow you are a wonderful Auntie. I have no children and love being an Auntie as well. I have 6 nephews and nieces and one more to arrive next week. I am soooo excited. You are an amazing person. :slight_smile: