What is support?

As with everything, it is different for everyone. But for me it is NOT being told how wrong, stupid, lazy, non-compiant…etc etc. I am (or someone telling someone else that)

So why do I feel I need to say anything? maybe because I am not feeling well and cranky/.overly-sensitive…but anyway…

In tripping my way through all my favorite sites this morning, I noticed a slew of scathing (nicest thing I can say) replies to people who have gone to one site or another for support…but did not get it…they got what they get from other people that made them reach out to the internet for help/support. So in no particular order–my opnions on these matters:

Some doctors are NOT good–not everyone has the choice to fire their doctor (sad but true)–I am lucky I have good doctors and can fire them (at least for the time being)

Some people do not have unfettered access to the internet to do lots of research on their own, or the patience, or whatever–does it really hurt to share what you know–again? and again?? and again???..nicely!..I think not…

Insurance companies suck, government agencies suck worse.

Medical supply companies can suck (MM is on my list at the moment)

mail order pharmacies suck (yeah related to insurance companies suck)–I like my real pharmacist that is at the store 5 blocks from my house…been my pharmacist for 2 years (the one before her was our pharmasict for 12 years–he retired) My insurance requires I use mail order for maintenence meds–they don’t just cost more at the local pharmacy–they don’t cover mainetance drugfs there except for initial fill and emergency fills…sucks rocks!! I DO NOT like having to keep a three month supply of all my meds in my house…I am not a pharmacy!

Its ok if people do NOT want to eat low carb–it is their choice–you can get bg control if high carb–it just takes a different plan.

You CAN do everthing “right” (low carb, exercise, etc. etc) and STILL not have good BG–really–Do the same thing to day and tomorrow and get different results…

Yes…the weather really can change how much insulin you need–why—well I guess if they knew that they’d prob know how to find a cure…

Its not the end of the world if you make an educated guess at how much insulin you need–meters can have a 30% variance…and we wonder why we cant get the same results all the time from our meds or where those sneaky lows come from?

Not all insulin is treated well before you get it…why sometimes it doesn’t work as well…

Its ok somedays to only check your bg before dosing insulin–it can be the closest thing to a break that there is

Its ok to HATE this disease and to rant about it–stresss is better let out than kept in

You CAN and should support people who treat their D differently than you treat yours…

type 2 is not better/worse than type 1—they both SUCK!

type 2’s didn’t get it because they ate too much sugar–if you have the genetic marker --you will get it at some point–what point–well its different–which is why there are skinny type 2’s

Not all type 1’s are skinny…there are overweight type 1’s…yes they are really 1’s!

Its ok to prefer coke (or skittles or smarties…or xxx) to glucose tabs!

you can learn to give yourself shots even if a needlephobe (yes I am still a needlephobe–and sometimes it takes a long time to give a shot) Ifusion set changes take me much longer than most people…and thank goodness for inserters else I prob couln’t do the pump thing. And for those who don’t have a phobia of any kind–you just have no idea–and it is NOT something you just “get over”

pumps/insulin are NOT a cure!

so done ranting for now–thanks fopr listening

Now that’s a rant! Nicely done Denise.

Woah. I’m staying out of YOUR way today. Not that you didn’t make a good point . . .

I think that was pretty concise and rather eloquent, not really a rant at all.
I do hate some of the sanctimony I have received from various sites over the years. Nice blog well said *thumbs up. Support can just be understanding how crap this is sometimes can’t it x