What is temp basal, and sesitivity mean"

I have never got taught this, and don’t have a clue as to what they mean?
I know I had a great trainer, lolololololol, lucky I am still alive. I think all the trainers should also be on the pump, otherwise they can never associated with the disease!

Your insulin sensitivity is how much your BG drops for 1 unit of insulin. Mine is 1:25, so if my target is 100 and my BG is 125, one unit should bring me down to 100.

Temp basals are settings used on a pump for out of the ordinary circumstances. For example, heavy exercise (you probably need less basal insulin) or illness (you may need more).

You might want to buy Pumping Insulin by John Walsh.

Best way to figure out your insulin sensitivity factor (ISF) is to take one unit when you’re a bit high over target (not really high). Don’t eat, don’t exercise. Test at 1 hour & 2 hours to see how much 1 unit lowers you. Everyone’s ISF is different, of course. Mine is 1:60 because I’m small. One unit consistently lowers me 60 pts.

I dont think I will EVER have a normal bs, unless I go back on injections, just had a 363. I am soo used to highs now with this pump, I am really considering going back on injections, and just throwing out this pump!

If the pump isn’t working for you, go back to MDI. Have you tried contacting the pump manufacturer for some real training?

Did you read the manual that came with the pump? In another post you had said you went through the online training, you can also call the 24 hour helpline and they can answer many questions regarding the different buttons and menu options.

MDI? Is that Manual Diabetic Injectios?
Ok, I found the books for the pump, I am going to start with them and educate myself MORE!
Thank You alllll…

MDI–mutliple daily injections.