What is the longest distance you have walked?

I usually walk 2 miles each day weather permitting. But when I'm fighting the battle of the bulge like I always seem to be doing I will walk as much as 3.8 miles according to pedometer on my phone.

Maybe a few miles but I've run 26.2 twice and 13.1 8x now. Plus quite a few miles on trails to get ready for showtime!! :-)

The longest distance I ever walked all at once was seven miles. That was a long time ago though.

12 miles, for a cause. My hikes could be more or less, I don't measure them :)

Walking around the city... I get two miles in every day as part of my commute to work. Other days I can get 4 miles in the evening, in addition to the two miles in the morning, for a total of 6 miles for the day. Sometimes if schedule and circumstances permit I get 7 to 9 miles.

I am usually a little sore after the 7-9 mile walks and often take a break in the middle. 9 miles turns out to be more than 3 hours. I should set some sort of goal to do it in less than three.

How do u all manage your B.G while walking such long distances.. I personally have walked upto 9 miles with breaks every 4 miles..

I had a pump when I started running and got a CGM a week before the first 1/2 marathon I ran, although it fell off 3 miles into the race. I bring stuff with me in an Amphipod belt:

I also have Race Ready brand shorts, that have a mesh pocket that will hold a One Touch Ultra Mini (and a bunch of pockets...) securely for a race and bring enough carbs. Races are sort of easier than training as they have Gatorade every couple of miles. There were lots of experiments along the way but it usually works out ok.

The longest without stopping was a half marathon last fall (13.1 miles). I set my pump at 10% basal but still kept going low. I brought a backpack with lots of glucose tabs and a couple of apples. I also had some Gu that they were giving away. This year I think I will skip the apples because of their weight and just carry Gu and glucose tabs. I really don't like the Gu but it's high in carbs without taking up too much space. I think I should also try a bit more protein pre-walk??

I've walked longer distances in NYC, but always stopped for lunch.


gr8 yar!!

Not my longest, but I regularly hike 8 miles about 10 times each year.
When newly dx, I always carried my monitor & glucose tabs. Now that I'm more stable, I just make sure that I have healthy snacks every 2 hours or so.
My hikes are the big occasion to munch on a Kashi Bar (20g carbs).

I have walked 9 km in single go