What is the make up of your overall health team?

Most of us here know that diabetes can affect everyone of the bodies organ systems. When I was first diagnosed our medical insurance was through a hosipital/clincs group that required using their services when in area, but allowed other doctors when traveling. This was in the 1990s.

The pros of this for when I was first diagnosed is that I had a comprehensive medical team that were able to access my records. While I didn’t and never had an endo, I had a PCP, CDE, Dieticians (never got good advice from them), cardiologist, ophthalmologist, gastroenterologist and urologist.

I was the ophthalmologist who suggested that my PCP order a fasting BG which lead to my diagnosis as a type 2 diabetic.

5 or 6 months after diagnosis I would have slight chest pains at work. I worked the midnight shift and called the clinic. Me: “Having a bit of chest pains, nothing severe.” Them, reading my records: “Come into the clinic NOW!” Got my first ECG which showed iirc a Right Bundle Branch Block. This lead to my first treadmill stress test without camera. The cardiologist said I was medium athletic.

That was the first of around 6 stress tests. The first one with contrast and camera detected what looked like scaring on the bottom of my heart. That lead to a cardiac cath. No troubles with the heart. It was explained that in some people the heart sits close enough to the diaphragm. The apparent scarring is actually too much tissue in the way. Every stress test and ECG has shown both the RBBB and the “scarring.”

As is common in employer provided insurance plans, it changed. While we were able to keep our doctors it was less of a cohesive team. A little over a year ago that hospital/clinics group dumped our Medicare Advantage plan requiring us to get new docs.

Do you have a comprehensive health care team? Not just for diabetes but your overall health.

I am happy with my new PCP she is a good listener and has taken the time and effort to really read my histories.

PCP every 6 months
Endo every 3 months
Ophtho anually
Podiatrist every 6 months
Derm every 6 months
Urologist annually
Add a dentist and chiropractor and it keeps me busy.

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My number 1 is not my endo, but his RNP. She is up to date on all the new tech and meds when it comes to diabetes.
I am so have a ophthalmologist I see once a year for retinal photos and a quick look in my eye, just as preventive.
I also have podiatrist for a problem with my feet, not diabetic related ( not specifically related but might be a comorbidity)

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Used to see my endo once a year but medicare requires 2 visits a year claiming it saves them money and Dexcom requires 180 days between visits in order to get the doctor’s notes on time to continue furnishing supplies. Optho nominally once a year but frequently stretch to 18 months. PCP is supposed to be annually but I tend to stretch to 18+ months. Specialists as required.

mine is different and happens as the result of rheumatic issues:

Rheumatologist - 3 months
Endo - each 6 months
CDE - 6 months
Cardiologist - annual
Gstro - 6 months
Optho - 6 months
Urologist - annual
Hemotologist - 4 months
Derm - 6 months
Neurologist - 6 months
GP - annual
Sleep specialist - annual
Podiatrist - 6 months
Nephrologist - annual
Daycareologist - everyday, if my wife pays the weekly fee.


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