"What is up with the koalas on TuDiabetes?" you may wonder

In case you have noticed, a good number of members with a “koala” as their image and a member name of CH1, CH2, CH3, etc. have joined in recent days.

These accounts are part of an upcoming study we’ll be conducting in collaboration with the Children’s Hospital Boston (CH = Children’s Hospital) allowing us to better understand how the use of TuAnalyze and participating in the community benefits people living with diabetes.

Yes, I had wondered as I sometimes like to see , who has become a recent Tu member , esp in Canada :slight_smile: …then my brain wondered off to something totally unrelated …well not really : my own fund raising towards Team Diabetes and the Okanagan Marathon , Kelowna, BC , October 09, 2011 …will stay tuned to the " upcoming study " !

And I sent a Welcome to each one ever vigilant Reed


Are they “dummy accounts” set up by the TuAnalyze team at Children’s Hospital Boston?

They maybe dummy accounts. Look at the names on the account and they are all CH with a number after them

HAHA, well I guess that I won’t submit my “Contact Us” form reporting the influx of koala bears. (Yes, I already typed the message telling you about these suspicious members. Then I saw this discussion!)