What is wrong with me?

Sheesh! I am going to make the worse diabetic ever! I just can’t give up the sweets! Forget giving up carbs - I can’t get past the very simple carbs in these holiday sweets!

I did ok right after diagnosis until a few months ago, then, I slip back into my old ways. Can eating habits really change?


Eating habits can and will change, but this time of the year is tough on all of us!

Go for good enough instead of perfect. Cut out as much as you can, and don’t beat yourself up for what you do end up eating.

If you use a blood sugar meter to track your blood sugar, make yourself measure after you eat the carbs. Seeing those ugly high numbers helps keep a lot of us on track.

Plus, as your blood sugar gets worse, you may feel lousy with those highs. For me, the high feels yukky enough that it takes a lot of the fun out of the food that causes it.

Plus, if you are like me, those carbs will pack weight on you so fast it is scary. I love carby stuff, but I also love not being fat, and I have been fat in the past and worked very hard to change that. Over time my associations with a lot of foods have changed for that reason. I still do eat my share of carby treats, but in small portions, with insulin that keeps my blood sugar normal, and with the understanding that overdoing it is going to result in fat I will be living with for a long time.


I agree with Jenny!!! The Holiday season is terrible for us all. You have to find a balance and try not to deprive yourself. Small portions are the way to go.
Stay strong!!!

Dear Karen.

I still am sick from yesterday’s meal. I was not allowed to stay in my room. This is a really bad time of year. And to boot it’s been too cold to go outside safely.

well Mom is always right… lol - hope you are feeling OK today, Debb -

Thanks for all the replies - I guess the key is I am relativly healthy and only rarley feel really bad because of poor diet. my dx is reactive hypoglycimic and pre-diabetic. I’m low when I feel bad - have never had a bad high. Sometime in the morning my bg is as high as 125 but never more. Still just wish I could be more disciplined. Plus now I need to loose some weight…

Do any of you work out in the morning? How do you manage a pre-work out meal when the work out is before work? I’ve been going to the gym at 5:30 and eating a banana on the way but worried bs will drop too much. So far lowest is 70 wich for me is ok - I can function down to about 50 but lower I get wezzy.

To answer question number one… I don’t think anything is wrong with you. Maybe your priorities are twisted around a little and you live to eat instead of eating to live. A lot of us get caught up in this belief that we ought to pamper ourselves with sweets. I’m not sure where that came from. I made the switch some time ago. My body has rewarded me with good health and I no longer require any medication to control my (T2) diabetes.

To answer question number two… Absolutely!! It’s simply a matter of rewarding our bodies with healthy, nourishing treats instead of our pesky little taste buds with sweet treats. Ask yourself, “Which is more important?”. If you need help making the transition, there is a method called “cognitive behavior therapy” which is simply positive reinforcement. Give yourself kudos each time you make it through a day with nothing but healthy foods. Ask yourself before succumbing to the sweets, “Is this really and truly going to do my body any good?”.

My salads have become my daily treat. I can almost feel the nourishment coursing through my blood and invigorating my body. It’s all mind over matter.

I exercise for an hour each and every morning. Rain or shine, sick or fine. That’s how important this is to me. I start out with an ounce or so, of nuts, then a banana about 20 minutes before exercising. It’s amazing how well it energizes me, and keeps the hunger away.