What is your 1 hour BG Level and what will you accept

My 1 hour level is about 150. I wait 20 mins until I eat after bolusing. My 2 hour level normally comes down to 110. Once in a while I hit 175 at 1 hour… Is the 1 hour mark important? Because everything you read including doctors say to test at 2 hours.

The 1 hour mark is the spike from the food youve eaten. At the 2 hour mark you can see how the effects of your insulin have worked on the food and if you corrected correctly. Ideally you’d like to keep that spike under 140mg/dl depending on who/what methodology you fallow. What are your two hour BGs like after the one hour 180s? And what food is causing that?

Mostly about 95-120 after 2 hours… even if I hit 170 at 1hr. I eat 2 pieces of whole wheat bread 32g and eggs in the morning and the same bread with coldcuts for lunch. My doctors don’t want me to go low carb because I am very underweight to begin with. Although I don’t think 32g of carbs per meal is very high anyway.

when I was eating 100 carbs a few months back, my endo asked me to go up to 150. Now Im down to 35. I wonder what shes going to say now!

I try to keep my 1 hours under 120 (closer to 100 if I can) with my 2 hours at 85-90 these days. Im on a dexcom cgms so I monitor the whole thing closely.

Whats spiking you to 175 when it happens?