What is your Dexcom sensor record?

So I've been using the Dexcom since Jan. 2010, and I just beat my record for wearing a sensor. I started using the sensor August 31, and inserted it on my upper arm for the first time. I had always worn it on my stomach. This morning, Sept. 30, I was awoke by a buzzing, and my receiver said sensor failed, replace sensor. Normally I would get the question marks after a couple of weeks and would replace the sensor. I wonder if wearing it on the arm is what made the difference? This time I put the new sensor on my left breast after reading here that other woman have done it. We shall see how long it lasts there.

My longest sensor time was 21-23 days. My determination when to pull a sensor is when it starts to become undependable, lots of ??? or inaccurate readings. I can usually get 14 days but if a sensor performs poorly in the first week, I yank it. I’m lucky to have insurance coverage so I’m not overly concerned with squeezing out every day that I can.

I’ve also found the back of the arms to be reliable and long-lasting sites.

23 days is the best I've gotten so far - on the back of my arm.

i've been wearing mine on my arms, too. two weeks, maybe three at the most.