What is your Diabetes Tip?

Oh, that’s somewhat affordable??

Don’t give up on yourself. Yes this is tough, yes this stinks and yes it’s forever (at least for now) but don’t give up on yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who will be uplifting and not downers

Agree with DC Reporter.
When BG is high I use the opportunity to escape from whatever I was doing to do the exercise.
When it is lowish to low I eat those delicious strawberries I bought. I never use junk food (candies etc) to cover the lows.
Don’t overeat it and don’t listen doctors when they say “you can eat as much as you want”.
Too much eating means too much insulin to inject. Insulin is cancerigenic (even our own).
Taking a glass of vine with supper allows you to take less insulin for the same amount of carbs.
Eating pistachios slows down the absorption of carbs so there is no peak.
Avoid lows they are going to make you gain weight because your body defense mechanism will set up the signal of starvation (i.e will start to make more reserves).
Take gamma linoleic acid to prevent neurotoxicity, biotin to help your pancreas to produce/ secrete insulin and coenzyme Q10 to prevent cardiac events.
type 1.5 honneymooing for several months. taking only 15 units insulin (including basal)


my mother is a T2 for 25 years on shots, no complications.
here are her 3 favs:
small portions
split physical activity to avoid hypos (eg gardening, house duties)
peanut butter on wholemeal on excursions going out to avoid hypos

1.find the humor in it all
2.don’t bother defending yourself to people that just don’t get it, just smile and nod
3. don’t drink soda unless low
4. Get wheat or healthy bread that has more fiber then it does sugar, by slice
5. french fry and ketchup are not vegetables
6. eat a small piece of candy after a meal if you need that sweetness, or make sugar free jello :slight_smile:
7. don’t make the mistake of eating 20c of strawberries, it filled me up way more then i wanted it to
8.freeze grapes make salsa fresh

Do not make anything FORBIDDEN. If you allow yourself a small amount of what you love, you can keep your numbers in range without binging and spiking yourself. If I didn’t eat a piece of a cream horn every now and again, I’d eat an entire package. My way of making sure I don’t go crazy on those “treats” is to separate them AS SOON as I get home. Cut them up, put them into baggies, mark the carbs, and then I leave one sitting out and tuck the rest in a box. If I see it, I know I can have it, but I won’t just keep grabbing for the rest if I don’t have them handy. This works wonders for crackers (my downfall).

Being a mom and the diabetic I have come to make a little peace in my life by keeping one of those small lunch snacks stocked with non perishable items like granola bars, grahm crackers, nuts and an extra roll of glucose tabs. I have gotten the idea out of my head that I can carry life savers or any type of candy. If I pull the out the candy, the kids want it…and the hubby too. I cannot tell them no. It’s just not right! :wink: I carry the snack sack stocked with enough so everyone has something and a little something left over. I can take it with me when I want it and leave it in the car when I don’t need it, but it’s always close by.

my diabetes tip si to go and demand universal health insurance in the usa no diabetic in a developed country should have to choose between food and medication. stev from the eu

my diabetes tip si to go and demand universal health insurance in the usa no diabetic in a developed country should have to choose between food and medication. stev from the eu

i get so angry when i read that some of my fellow diabtics in usa cannot get health insurance, so have to choose between food and medication. in the uk and the rest of the eu. every body is entiteled to free medication because every one is covered , medical care should be a human right and not a privelidge its time the american people put an end to this nonsense and demanded that their country provides health care for all. its not as if you dont pay enough tax .

please go out and fight for peole with no health insurance uninsured diabetics are anational dicrace in the uk and eu people had to fight for universa coverage you should all be out on the streets take care

Test Test Test and then use the results to inform your choices on diet, lifestyle etc.

do you find that your blood sugar levels are just out of your control, some times it just goes up around this time of year.

Here is my tip for the day…Day 3 need to change my site. I store all of my supplies in a cabinet in the bedroom. I change my site in front of the bathroom mirror. It drove me crazy if I forgot grab something from the cabinet to complete the change example IV prep.

Now I pre package in a small plastic bag 1. infusion set, 2. resovior 3. IV prep 4. Alcohol swap 4. New multi clic lancet drum. My insulin is already on the ledge in the bathroom with the inserter.

This way it is pre packaged and i am ready for a quick grab and run.

Not a bad idea!

hi there very nice to meet you, what type of regular treatment do you get, and can you always control you blood glucose;level?

Sometimes they have a mind of their own, don’t know about the time of year though.

think about the future, but ‘fix’ things now

If you “fall off the wagon” pick yourself up and get back on.

Get help if you can’t find a way to do it by yourself.

Make sure to have a good pair of walking shoes and good socks .I always keep an extra pair of socks with me . Walk as much as possibe . Park far away from were you are going and walk . take the stairs inrtead of elevators. try to walk 1 hour a day at a good pace.