What is your favorite Blood Glucose Number to get?

I have had Diabetes for close to 20 years and I have always had a special number. It was a number that was on a marketing piece about 18 years ago for a glucose meter, it was 128. Ever since then I thought that was the perfect number to get and for the last 18 years I have always had this as my favorite number.

What is your favorite number to get and why?

111 and 123 are favs. of mine. Anything below 100 and I have no energy, and these numbers are good and just feel lucky.

  1. I just like that number. When my average BG for a month is 87 I know that my A1C will be close to 6.

I like 110 …I dont know why , Im just happy when I get that number .

100 - it’s just so simple and perfect.

111 and 127 are my 2 favorites :slight_smile:

97 is my personal fave. I just feel great when I am right around there, lots of energy and I don’t tend to go low after injecting and eating if I start there.

“117 fantastic!”

5.5 is my ‘perfect number’ because it’s not so low I can’t exercise / drive / go to bed. It’s not high so I’m fine if I want to eat or do anything. It’s a nice middle-ground sort of number than can never be wrong, so it’s a perfect result to see for any occasion :smiley:

BTW 5.5 mmol = 99 mg/dl

my favorite number to see is 100. Why b/c I feel alot better when I’m that or a little higher like 129 it is normal!!! But here latley it’s been WAY higher than that or for the pasted week it’s been like 73 waking up and barley getting over 129 all day long! I guess I’m getting my way kind of! HA!

I like to see 99. Its below 100, but not low.
Can’t speak for how it feels, since I am not the one with Diabetes (my daughter is), but I just like that number. If I see 99, then I don’t have to rush and get a snack or bolus insulin, I can just get back to doing whatever :slight_smile:

99 ! not 100, not too low just right for me - it’s also in the name of a favorite song of mine called “Leaving 99” about the Good Shepherd who would leave 99 sheep to find the one who was lost.

Got 128 a few more times… thought I would let everyone know… Yippee!

I like the number 98, not low and not high-just right!

Hi! Good for you. :slight_smile: My favourite number is 5.4(98). Perfect.

Anywhere between 70 - 80 … as long as it’s under 100, I think it’s perfect.

When I was growing up, my favorite was 100 because my dad would give me a $1. Get it, 100 mg/dl / $1.00. I always tried to get him to give me $2 for a 200 mg/dl but it never quite worked the same! Now I think my favorite is anything between 100 and 120. Always elicits a “you’re awesome!” feeling in me, and is probably the only numbers I never worry about. Anything else I wonder if I’m going low or high.

If its before a meal, I prefer to be below 5mmol. And after a meal, between 5-6mmol. That makes me really happy, but of course I know it’s alright to slip up sometimes. I’m just a bit of a control freak!

Yeah, gotta love the “I have a good blood sugar” feeling!


That’s what all of the advertised meters displayed for the first few years after my diagnosis. I’ve had type 1 for 14 years and I still get excited every time I’m exactly 106 hahaha. Makes me feel like a diabetes model or something.