What is your favorite Blood Sugar/Glucose number to get?

Mine is 128. It is my “lucky” diabetic number to get. I love when I get it!!! I just got it today so I wanted to write this Blog. I haven’t got this exact number in months. I will be Blogging when I hit my favorite 128 number everytime on I get from now. :slight_smile: Stay Tuned. What’s your favorite number?

Mine is 123. :slight_smile:

i’m happiest when i see numbers in the 4.something mmol range! :slight_smile:

I like the palindromes. 111 is my favorite. Also like 101 and 99. Not too fond of 222 though.

So true. :slight_smile:

haha interesting question. Mine is 143, because it means “I love you”

I have a fixation with 100… it’s weird. Even if I get a 90 or a 95, I won’t feel as “happy” as if I get a 100. :smiley:

Know what? You should make a Forum Topic out of this question: it’s really good!!

I got 129 today, a far reach from my 128… but still happy :slight_smile:

I too love getting 100. It makes me feel like I have the perfect bloodsugar or something. I don’t know if it comes from being in school and 100 being “perfect” or what.

I like 100. :slight_smile:

I also like 88–like infinity x2.

Mine is 120, I know I’m on the very edge of “normal.” Less chance also that I have to stuff my face to prevent going low 15 minutes later.

i love 99s or 111s and i seem to get them pretty often to so its kinda fun lol

I like 124.