What is your job and are their challenges with your type 1?

My husband is a teacher. He rarely has any problems as he has enough breaks to test as needed.

I am a software developer. I work in an office. I can test and shot there without problems.

Administrative Support Supervisor, sit all day with my meter by my side. I went to college and became a radiologist technologist, but was on NPH so I ran around and ate all day, never tested, did not know to. I cannot imagine running around all over the hospital now, don’t think I would survive I get a ton of lows on the pump.

Punch press operator in a sheet metal factory, im on my feet all day and continuously moving, so i have to keep all my stuff with me and not in the lockers provided. if im on a job where i just have to cut out the parts, then i dont have much problems treating a low. However, if i have to file the parts also, then i really dont have time to or else ill get very far behind

I babysit. The biggest problem is the younger kids are a little to interested in my stuff. If i need to i can go into the kitchen behind the safety of the baby gate. Of course now she’s just starting to really get interested in eating my food.