What is your number health 1 goal for 2013?


What is your number one health goal for 2013?


after 15 years I think its about time I get an insulin pump

and if I could get my benchpress back to 185 (where it was before i tore my bicep and broke my collarbone) that would be cool too

I like to have non-diabetes health goals, like doing chin-ups when I'm 45, so the diabetes stuff is marginalized, kicked to the curb and suborned to something sexier.

To maintain, I'm pretty happy with where I'm ending 2013, Ok well maybe lose the 5 pounds I gaind over the holidays. Figuring out this pump thing is a good idea too.

I'm in a similar place to Gary. I don't believe in resolutions. I don't believe in "promising to be good" which often ends with "relapsing to being bad". Extremes don't work. I believe in finding the middle ground that you can live with.

So I too want to keep doing what I've been doing: I want to keep my blood sugar as stable as possible, with knowing that as a Type 1 it will sometimes go wonky on me and I'll have to tweak doses. Non-D related I have an arrhythmia that is currently stable but will get worse. I'm hoping to keep it from doing that at least until I have Medicare (12/13) and thus free hospitalization - hopefully longer.

The bane of my existence is always weight gain. Despite 18 years of recovery from my eating disorder, for which I am truly grateful, D makes it hard. I gain weight by looking at carbs. I achieved a small gradual weight loss by being pretty strict with carbs. Just a little bit of increase, a long way from abuse and I start gaining weight again. Hopefully I can maintain and continue to lose or at least stay stable.

I don't believe in resolutions because I don't believe in swinging from extreme deprivation (or what feels like it) to indulgence. I believe in finding a happy middle I can be...well...happy with. That works.

My health goals for 2013 are that happy medium.

Ah, the future, a fresh slate! Anything's possible...but let's be reasonable. I've had a particularly good run in '12 BG wise. After my misadventure with the Omnipod this year, things have settled down and I've found some good alternate infusion set/sites.

One of my biggest meta-observations this year is that when I download/upload my pump/meter/CGM data, I just naturally start to adjust my behavior to influence the numbers.

My goal this year is to chart the first week of every month and make adjustments as needed. (I could use some chin-ups, too!)

Oh to lose that bit of weight I put on over the last year. I am like Zoe, I only have to look at a carb and I put on 1kg straight away.

To be completely honest with my doctors.

To remain constant. I am tired of flucuation and change.

My number #1 goal is to be more disciplined & more focused regarding diabetes & the other health issues that I deal with, and have been interfering with everyday life. I want to try and be stronger so that I'm more in control of the issues, instead of the issues controlling me. Even if that means making one better choice each day.

I want to get my A1C low enough to get the OK from my doctor to have a baby

Thanks for ASKing Emmy : not to be at the effect mentally of the blood sugar numbers ...hubby may like me better :)

...this means having to talk to ME a lot