What is your preferred CGM system? [poll results]

You can still vote on this page.

If you have had a chance to look at more than one of the systems, please share your experience in this topic.

We just changed the poll on the home page today. Here are the results for this poll. The numbers were fairly even, with the MiniLink getting a slight lead.

None of the above. Not accurate enough, especially when needed above and below the normal range. What’s the point if it doesn’t perform well when needed? I’m hoping these will become more useful in the future. I’ve done some reading from recent studies. The Navigator was most accurate with low b.s. numbers.

I’d like to offer a couple of comments:

First, the wording “Minilink” versus “Guardian RT” as two different choices was very bad. (Both “R/T” and “Guardian” use the MiniLink Transmitter. Even worse, the distinction which you probably were tyring to make, between Guardian and R/T, isn’t there-- both words appear within the same choice.

So, you probably need to add the two numbers together, because the attempt at a “separation” almost certainly didn’t work right. (MM has 35% of votes, and no further distinction can be made.)

Now about the results themselves, which ARE significant: Navigator’s very strong showing, relative to it’s actual market share, is impressive. Among current users, this poll is almost certainly dominated by votes for the same device the user currently wears. The votes which I’m most curious about are those where the “preferred system” is a CHANGE from the one the user currently has.

I’ve got a feeling that this very special subset of votes, “I’ve got one already, BUT I’D LIKE TO SWITCH”, are heavily in favor of Navigator from both competitors. But since we didn’t include a follow-up question along these line (e.g., “Is the preference which you just chose an actual CHANGE from the device you have now?”) we don’t know.

BTW, I’m sitting on the fence for at least a couple more months, wathcing if they get all the failed hardware bugs cleaned up… but I’m very likely to become another Dexcom–>Navigator switching person when my Dex Receiver dies from “old battery” disease. I was one of those “special, high-value” votes against the one I’m actually wearing right now.