What is your secret?

What is your secret for obtaining fairly steady bloodsugars throughout the day, and eating three meals?

I am totally boring. I eat the same thing for breakfast (eggs, sometimes w/ ham, sometimes w/ salsa) and one piece of toast and a glass of V8, 2 pieces of cheese mid morning and 3-5 mini pretzel twists if my BG is low (it runs lower when I run more?), 1/2 sandwich for lunch w/ Propel. That gets me like 8-10 hours of yay BG and I fire up the insulin pump and pig out all night long…

For me, it’s having the right basal setting on my pump or MDI. I don’t eat 3 meals a day - never have since leaving home back in 1979 - after having 3 meals a day shoved down my throat due to CDA/ADA diet rules - I said “enough!”. I eat when I want - and now with the fast acting insulins - life couldn’t be better. Also, who has steady blood sugars throughout the day? I guess it’s all depends on what your level of “steady blood sugars” is - and what makes you feel your best is the most important thing. Oh and cuddling a cat or dog can help make my blood sugars better :slight_smile:

I actually do better on days that I eat three meals. I eat the same breakfast every day, the same lunch most dayd and there isn’t all that much variety in my dinner menu either. I weigh all my carbs even when I go out to eat.

I think my basal is set a touch low and I cover a small amount of my basal requirements with my meal time insulin (the carb ratio is a little low as well) which is why I do better actually eating all my meals and sometimes do better eating slightly more carbs.


The things that seem to help me stay consistently flat are the following:

careful carb counting
walking 1/2 hour each day
getting enough sleep

I’m just curious to see if there’s anyone who can actually answer this question!! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for me, steady bloodsugars is just a dream! Eating 3 meals is a chore! I can manage breakfast at a push, but after that it is a struggle.

I agree that it is better to eat 3 meals a day, but for me that is a struggle. I live alone and have given up cooking for myself because by the time that I have cooked, I am too tired to eat! I can possibly manage just a few mouthfuls and then I feel very full to bloating!

When I am at my mother’s I find it easier. She cooks, I eat.

Not really a secret, but a fairly strict routine…

  • 40 minutes cardio exercise in the morning
  • 120-140 grams carb a day
  • 30 minutes walk in the evening
  • a snack before bedtime =)
  • I drink plenty of water

I find that the only way I can flatline in this way is to eat very low-carb (no more than 10g carb at a time), and very small portions, test a lot, and treat my MDI like a pump - small boluses at regular intervals. I am very insulin resistant and shots don’t bother me at all as I have lots of fat and the hide of an elephant lol.

Unfortunately this means abandoning all thought of eating like a ‘normal’ person.

I guess there are worse fates than having to be a low-carb grazer…

How often will you snack and give a small bolus? Do you do it more than every 4 hours?

haha me too terry!

Always having a place for the blood sugar to go so it doesn’t get stuck in my blood.

I’ll respond in a while, but in proper reciprocation, I’d like to ask Karen to guess “Where is my secret place located?”

Depends on what I’m snacking on. Have bolused as often as hourly.

But I don’t recommend it for anybody without abnormal insulin resistance. And I am talking seriously abnormal here so not you, LiL MaMa :slight_smile: You don’t want to be bolusing yourself into unnecessary hypos. For me, it’s not a problem because I have out-of-this-world insulin resistance, plus my Novolog takes 2 hours to work so if I ever over-shoot, I have this 2 hour buffer. That’s why my hypos tend to be harmless little waves rather than tsunamis…

Melissa eats 3 meals and 2 snacks a day most days. She preboluses as much as possible, and that is really important. She almost never eats until she is in a decent range, bolusing ahead of time for both correction and the food whenever possible. The Dexcom helps with this. I have her high set at 160, so she is almost never above that. There are few times that she hits that after a meal, but usually she doesn’t go up over 120 or so after eating. Keeping on top of basal and bolus needs is key for me. Her morning ratio is twice what the rest of the day is. I can’t even imagine what kind of numbers we would see if we hadn’t figured that out, but things constantly change with her so I am constantly tweaking. Oh, the last thing that is really important for her is to use the extended bolus to prevent lows followed by highs for lower glycemic foods and fattier foods.

hahahaha. Oh wait, you were serious.

My secret: finally said no to potatoes, rice, cereal and yes to low carb and a bit of protein every meal. Back to standard deviation of 11. The 3 meals are filling; I’m never hungry, and I have energy.

Can you give me a sample of what your 3 meals are?

My secret is exercise

HA!!! I’m 37 years into this and I’ll let you know when I figure that out!! I may be able to string a few steady bloodsugar days in a row…but that’s about it.

Here are a few things that I notice make a difference in reducing the spike. With the CGM I have found that I need to bolus about 30 minutes before meals…more if a little high.

I used to be in the habit of snacking every few hours or so. I was covereing it with a bolus, so I didn’t think much of it. But I was in a constant state of “2 hours post-meal” increased bg. I was not giving it a chance to come down. I’ve stopped this and that has helped.