What it feels like to have a hypo (low blood sugar)

Well for every diabetic the feeling is different but let me talk you through how I feel.

First sense is a feeling of tiredness just cant be bothered to do anything out of energy just want to sit down and fall into a deep sleep, then followed with hunger plus fear for some reason I think the fear is just the kick start so that I get myself some food, at this time I would also feel like some sort of air passing through my throat and chest its like a small mild air passing through.

My main sign that gives me that warning or that red light is my eyes I get this its kind of hard to put into words but I get these grey lights similar to grey dots and if I am watching TV I see it on the screen but it comes more clear when I look at a white wall, I also get very hot start sweating and my heart starts to pump a lot faster then usual like I am doing exercise or some kind of activity.

The most interesting detail to me is the fact of waking up during the night if I am hypo with this feeling of heat and sweat even if I don’t want to wake up I have no choice my body is telling me to get up and sort myself up and I can not go back to sleep until I have sorted out my hypo.

If I have others around me I do tend to get irritable and every little noise is five times louder then it normally is, at times I do feel aggressive even though I have never acted out with violence but the way my words come out sounding is a lot more aggressive and people tend to question why am I so angry.

Oh yeah I nearly forgot when it comes to eating with a hypo everything and anything in front of me at that time is a cure, I just cant stop eating till I get some kind of feeling on my chest telling me that I have hit the spot and its time to stop its exactly where the air was passing at the start, it’s a bit like walking for days in a hot desert the sun being right on top of your head sweating like you have never sweated before in your entire life with no water in sight and the thirst is making you imagine a lake of water. So when you do find that lake of water at long last you will drink and drink and drink until you have sorted your desire for it. So it’s very hard to follow guidelines from professionals about treating a hypo and can lead to over treating it at times.

The most important thing is to know your body be familiar with the signs and symptoms for having a hypo because it helps to sort it out in the long run most importantly let your friends and family know what to look out for so that they can also help you.

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