What it is FOR ME

I am starting to understand that everything I read about diabetes has to go through a filter. The FOR ME filter.
When people give me advise – remember its about what works FOR ME.
FOR ME: I can’t eat as many carbs as most people. I learned the level that works for my diet and my needs.
FOR ME: I know now how much exercise I can tolerate and what works with my sugars and my neuropathy and all my conditions.
FOR ME: I know some people don’t have to measure carbs or calories or protein but I have that good old fashioned Catholic Guilt – I need to measure and know to feel safe and comfortable.
FOR ME: If I eat to many calories I’m going to gain no matter how low carb.
FOR ME: I know what I can and can’t eat to bring my sugar up when I’m low.
ENOUGH! You get it. Don’t be frustrated because someone lost 12 pounds in a week eating nothing but eggs but you didn’t – its not you. Don’t worry if a med that was a miracle for someone didn’t help you – its not you.

Be happy with you and find what works for you!
Life is just constantly tweaking the recipe and finding the best taste.


Awesome post - A recipe for a great life, not just living with diabetes!!!


People tend to use the acronymn - YDMD. Meaning “Your Diabetes May Differ,” when they post advice on here. Thanks for the reminder. I’ve gotten lazy about it.

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FOR ME… @Marcia_Skidmore, that was a great post.
FOR ME… after finding all the sensible FOR ME’S FOR MYSELF…
I become better and happier.
FOR ME… diabetes sucks…
But most of the time…
FOR ME… that’s what matters.


Nice post,Nancy50

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