What keeps you going?

I know we all rely on family and friends...and are greatful for them.

But what is it that you have physically... Possesion wise...

That can just make you forget all the horror and heartache of this disease?

For me its my 1972 GMC K20 3/4Ton

This project is my pride and joy..

Please all . Do Share

beautiful truck:)

My puppy - so full of life and loving - everything melts away when I’m playing with him.

for me it’s my golf clubs… i have invested alot of time and money in golf and even if i replace some i will never get rid of the old ones… every once in awhile i will break out an old putter or wdge and go play a round of golf and there is still alot of life left in those old twigs.

coffee and cats. :slight_smile:

Nice ride Craig! Did you do the work yourself? How long of a project? It’s funny you posted this because I have a little convertible I was planning to get rid of this spring. Not because of any real reason other than just being a little impractical for MN. It gets driven maybe six times between the snow and rain and snow. Anyway just the other day, I was thinking about everything I’ve been giving up as having recently being diagnosed, and thought about the first nice spring day in July (JK) and a drive in my car. …Yeah, just thinkin about it now, top down, sun on my face, open fresh air, tooling around the lakes, I think I’ll be keeping the car.

Thank You. :slight_smile:

I havent been golfing forever! Awesome.

Thank You! I did most of the small stuff. The only thing left to do is the outer rocker panels, That will be done in a little while. It’s Taken About A Year. I’ve had diabetes 20 years! Dont give up…Pull that car out and get that project started!!!

Nice !

Wow, what a beautiful truck! What keeps me going is that I’m so busy all the time - It leaves me little time for anything else. I’ve had Type 2 diabetes since 2007 and at first I got depressed, but that lasted about a day…lol Then there’s also my Jeep Wrangler…Forest Green and tan, top down in the summer…breezy country roads, sun shining on my face…that’s what I’m talking about :slight_smile:

I am not a possession type person, so I can’t think of one THING that makes this all worth it. But then I don’t think of my beagles as “things” or possessions. But they are so dependent upon me for their care. If I don’t take care of me, who will walk, feed, love, take care of them? It’s got to be me. So if I had to name one or two things, it would be Cobi and Casie, they get me through a lot of things.

Sounds Like My Pup!


Well thats good you don’t rely on possesions… Glad yo have something that makes it all worth while !:slight_smile:

What’s her name?

Nice ride!

I’m with Cathy. My animals help my perspective. They remind me every day that life is to be enjoyed. I feel down & frustrated & some doggy kisses make me smile again. Wagging tails, happy faces & unconditional love.

This was about two years ago for all my dog lovers :)

Note the pump clip and tubing in the pocket, and the glucose tab powder on lips… hahah

AAWWW! What a sweetie.