What kind of geek are you?

Geeks come in many different distributions…

I’m a primarily a UNIX, PHP, Javascript, with a bunch of other stuff thrown in (ruby, perl, python, yadda, yadda, yadda)

What makes you tick?

Dang, I feel so unqualified to be in this club! I built my own business site and can muddle through html and css sort of okay, but nothing like any of that ;). I like the design side of things best. I’m hoping some real geekiness will rub off on me and make this stuff easier!

Oh no, a geek is not determined by skill level. Heck I know TONS of people who are much more technical than me. Its only qualification is interest. We’re all here to learn from each other. I bet you can teach me a thing or two ( or fifty) about HTML and CSS.

I used to be a UNIX admin in a previous life (FreeBSD baby!). Now that I have kids, and a different job, I don’t mess around with much of it anymore.

Besides, I was more of a wannabe UNIX admin. It was the really smart geeks in the group really ran the show. :slight_smile:

What do you do now?

I worked for a number of years in a research lab (Sarnoff) where I did some minor work with a team of very smart PhD types developing the first MPEG-4 codec (the last time I ever really used my engineering degree). I was seduced by the dark side of the force (web application development) in the 90s and and switched to developing LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Perl) based web sites and applications for financial and pharmaceutical firms. I spend most of my free time researching new programming and security technologies. At work I am a heavy Linux user but at home I have found myself spending a lot of my time on OS X, AJAX and PHP.

sweet! we should combine all of our skills and do something cool.

I like to think I am fluent in many different geek forms, but masters of none. I have done everything from testing security software on odd unix platforms (AIX and HPUX rock) to managing a datacenter. (whos add is oddly on the page believe it or not) Now days I am in charge of the OSX and unix machines for the labs at Texas A&M, but there are alot of people much smarter then I am working here that I have to lean on from time to time.

As for hobbies though, I love a soldering iron. My brother is the EE major, so he gets alot of questions when I don’t know what I am doing, but it is SO much fun to build something like a NIXIE clock from scratch.

btw, all you web devs have my respect. There is no way that I could do half the stuff that you have to deal with.

you should post some pix of the NIXIE clocks. I wish I could build one.

I work primarily with Windows servers. ASP, Active Directory, LDAP, DNS, DFS, SQL.
Yes, it’s a GUI based OS, but if it can be scripted, I have probably done it. I write mostly in vbscript now, because thats what the rest of my co-workers understand. I learned Perl before MS released vbscript, and Perl still wins hands down.
We also have VMWare GSX & ESX hosts, did some Citrix in a previous job. Supported some Unix a few jobs ago, and still dabble with Linux from time to time. My home system will probably run Linux soon. Afraid to let any of that questionable Vista DRM get near my media. Can write HTML by hand when necessary, and do javascript, CSS occasionally.

I have enjoyed watching Star Trek, Farscape, Firefly.
Although, I have never been to a Trek convention or dressed as one of the characters.
Why is there no longer and good sci-fi on tv?
Is Heroes sci-fi? I mean it’s on NBC…

hmm… i guess geek factor puts me right up at the top. I work as a programmer on linux, aix, hp and solaris in c/c++/python/perl and dabbling in java or anything else that’s the flavour of the month.

can’t say that i’ve been to a Trek convention, but do Anime and Sci-Fi ones count as geeky? :slight_smile:

Thats about what the one I made looks like. I need to take pictures of it when I get around to making a case for it. Right now, you can kinda fry yourself, as it runs at mains voltage. . .

Do you have the clock on the board is it hooked to your computer? If you have it hooked into serial or USB, you can output all sort of other data (temperature, stock price, etc)

I wish I could say that I did. Unfortunatly, I am not that awsome at this point in time. It just displays the time based on mains current

I’m a Systems Architect and Director of I.T. these days… It’s been a long time since I’ve written any code.

I’m a UNIX/LINUS Geek at heart, although these days I’m dealing almost exclusively in Infrastructure (Servers/Storage/Networks).

I spent 10 years at Disney, most of them at the Feature Animation Studio as the head of Systems and got to do cool things things like build and manage a Top500 Supercomputing Cluster for Rendering Images. (Not to mention the half Petabyte of spinning disk behind it)

By no means a “guru” but I get by ;0) Graphics, HTML, CSS, PHP, CGI/Perl (can’t flat out write PHP/CGI/Perl code, but can install, use and edit/customize/fix[usually]). Build my own puters (never owned a “branded” one), fix’em myself (and just about everyone elses I know too! UGH). Only know Windows 95, 98 & XP though.

Primarily, web design/development and graphic design, though those skills have lapsed much in the last few years.

Professionally, I work in video game development, mostly on the QA side of things, but somewhat in design. Just the fact that my work is in video games gives me quite a bit of geek cred, though, I think…

I’m more a “geek by association.” My husband is the real geek and I just cling stubbornly to my Mac ways and pretend I know what I’m talking about when my parents can’t get their copy of Office to behave. I’ve been playing Civilization IV and Ultima 5: Lazarus lately, if that’s any props there.

I’m a science fiction nerd to the core and have a ridiculous collection of sci-fi/fantasy novels as proof. (whiny voice a la Urkel) So can I be in the club? (/whiny voice)

Welcome Sarah
I know more geeks who are Mac fans than Windows. I have been using a Mac since 1989 ( not the same one of course!)
Currently I am on a MacBook Pro. I love this thing. It gives me the pretty interface and UNIX under the hood.

I’ve had a Mac since 1993, my first one was a Performa. I bought an iMac when I went off to college in 2000, and upgraded to a titanium Powerbook 15" when I started graduate school. My next purchase will probably be a MacBook or an iMac but my laptop still has a lot of life left in it. Yay Macs!
While Macs do seem to be a bit of a geek thing, I’ve managed to keep my folks happily Apple-ensconced. Though my dad did go with a PC laptop and immediately regretted it when he realized that it came with Vista. Macs are just so much more pleasant to use if you don’t want to deal with any of the inner workings of your computer. And they’re way prettier.
It’s funny, whenever I talk to anyone with an insulin pump they always want to make it talk to their Mac, even when they are admitted computer novices. Why is that?