What made this happen?

so for the pass week, my bg been high, so i through OK time to change the sensor, but when i took it off i saw blood at the top of it, what will make this happen, ??.

it a omnipod.

You are introducing the sensor electrode using a needle. Occasionally it will hit a small blood vessel. This will occasionally affect the sensor accuracy, but usually has no effect.

but this is a picture of an omnipod, not a sensor. am i misunderstanding something? either way, your pump or sensor can hit a blood vessel, as @jjm335 explained, nothing dangerous. if your blood sugars start going crazy you can replace it, for me it usually doesnt change a thing so i leave it in.


How often are you changing Pods?

Agree with @swisschocolate on this and it’s definitely an Omnipod. It happens to me sometimes as well. Bottom line (as with any pump) is if your sugars are running high for no apparent reason after a site change and/or your site is sore you should likely change sites.

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sorry i made it when, i was falling asleep.

& about, ever 4, to 5, days for changing Pods.

Eric, had Insulet come out with new pods? Not understanding how you are getting 4 to 5 days. I max mine and get 3 days plus 8 hours.

Please explain.

it what, I’m trying to find out, how i got pass 3 days, might be why, i was running high,.

but now, I’m going be, changing Pods ever 3 days,. the only thing, i can find is, i ran out of insulin, might be why i was running high,.

Your PDM tells you when pod will expire. Then it will “beep beep” 4 hours before expiration date and more beeps when it has supposedly expired. If you have enough insulin left and want to leave it another 8 hours you can do so BUT, when it fully expires (3days, 8 hours), it lets out an extremely loud alarm. You CANNOT miss it.

If your PDM isn’t sounding off, call Insulet at: 800-591-3455

it did not sound off, thank you for telling me to call them, i give them a call, should be under warranty,.

i just got off the phone with Insulet, my new PDM is on the way,.

Are you still in your honeymoon stage (newly diagnosed)? I think if I went even 12 hours with an empty pump I’d be in the hospital.

honeymoon stage yea still in it, wish it will end.

3 months, it been going on for.

I wouldn’t wish it to end! It generally makes control somewhat easier and blood sugar less volatile and helps protect against complications. I’d keep it going as long as possible (with good control). Mine lasted for two or three months, but that was almost 25 years ago and I was also younger. I think these days they can last upward of a year for teenagers and adults.

I’d definitely call the company about your OmniPod. Running out of insulin and not knowing could have been extremely dangerous.

i just got off the phone with them, my new PDM is on the way,.

can it last 4 months, the honeymoon stage ?.