What might my questionable activity be

I hope Jenny does not mind that I have turned her comment and my answer to it into a blog post.

But I really need to convey this. I am not a paid spammer. I really do have a husband that is T2 and a mother who is the same.

Yes I have already said in my profile that I am in Internet Marketing. But this is not for that. I love the give and take of the information in this community. Diabetes controls my life, even though I am not the diabetic. I have looked around for a while for a community of this stature. I have read a lot of different things in the past about this disease and I am always on the lookout for any helpful information.

My husband refuses to test his BS on a daily basis. He says it makes his fingertips sore. He is a construction pipefitter and he uses his hands all day long pulling wrenches and such. He does wear leather gloves all day and the seams inside seem to irritate his fingertips. Yes, yes I know they make meters now that do not require such a big blood spot. But one has to take what one can get, with no insurance.

Enough of my going on here. Let it be

Time to get in the holiday spirit!!!


Thank you for that information. As I just joined this community and am not a member of any other that discusses diabetes or sweeteners, I have to say that I am not a paid spammer. For the sweeteners that I do use in foods my husband eats, I generally use good old white or brown sugar. Just not as much as is called for. Or applesauce or some thing that is naturally sweet like a fruit spread. You are right of course about the flour. I did get him to stop eating white bread. He now much prefers a good wheat bread.

I am sorry if I have given the impression of being a spammer."