What motivates you? & What do you like about your diabetes?


I’d like to know, what are things that make you happy about your diabetes or what do you like about it? What motivates you to take care of your diabetes? May sound like two very different questions, but for me it isn’t, I think it is easier to be motivated about things you like. I’ve written a blog post about this (and hope to get some more feedback on my questions in this discussion).

Things I like:

  • Sometimes I’m really happy to have a good bs, especially when I didn’t expect it
  • I like it when my new tin with test strips has the same calibration code as my old one
  • I like to go a way that I go repeatedly and to find used teststrips - they are probably mine and make me happy in a strange cat-making-her-territory way :smiley:
  • I’m always happy to get new diabetes supplies or accessories, but this doesn’t happen often
  • I like it when something has a carb count that is an integer multiple of 12 per serving (because that’s the “unit” I do the insulin-per-carb math with)
  • Diabetes made me the person I am. It made me a stronger, more selfconfident person, who has an own opinion and has hardly ever been an opportunist.
  • I have learned to listen to my body.
  • It probably has also teached my some dicipline
  • I’ve met some great people because of it, and I’m going to meet even more.

So, what about you?

Ryan and Vera, I love your attitudes!
Ok here’s mine.
I am motivated by the love and support of my family. They are awsome! We’ve become closer because of my diabetes.
I like seeing a good bs number.
I like the changes I’ve made to my lifestyle. (which woudn’t have happened without D.)
I like that I’m 70lbs thinner and can shop at any store and find my size.
I love Humalog! I’ve been on it for two weeks and it’s keeping my BSs where they belong.

I am having trouble articulating an answer…I like the positive direction you have taken. I have said from the start (5 years ago,) that it could be way worse. I am lucky. I can deal with this. There are plenty of things I could not, I am sure. Meanwhile, I am hoping to learn better discipline.

I want to have children…

I’ll try to think of things that I like about D and get back to you.

I like how much I’ve learned about a new subject and feel it gives me something else to give back to other people who are still struggling with lack of information or the emotions that come with a new diagnosis.

I feel great satisfaction on having diagnosed myself as LADA and in figuring out this whole crazy insulin/carb/dose thing so that my numbers are really starting to be stable.

Oh yeah and I LOVE the free gift of an effortless 40 pound weight loss…who else gets that in middle age!!

I have had type one diabetes for 41 years, since I was 13. Although I did not realize it at the time, Diabetes has given me a more compassionate, caring outlook on others. It has motivated me to really listen to others who have other physical, emotional, or physical challenges. I work with young chldren who have a variety of disabilities, and I am almost certain now, that my career choice in a “helping” profession came from my own personal experiences as a diabetic.

What and when do I like about diabetes managment and life, specifcally?
I like
-the unexpected in range numbers, which come more often when I am taking all things in moderation, except laughter ( a quote from a blogger on another diabetic website, sorry I can’t remember hs name now)
-meeting other diabetics and sharing positive insights, in person and on the web
-surprising medical personnel with my “normal” numbers and happy , yet knowledgeable viewpoint on life with diabetes
-learning from others about diet, exercise, and even about non-diabetic issues:: I am a relentless optimist, and an extrovert, there is almost nothing I will not discuss in good taste, with any one.

God Bless

Shame on me for not answering within 2 weeks!
There are some great things on your list. I like especially the switching lancet point (which I also never do :D).

Thanks to all of your for your great and inspiring answers! I’m going to add some of them to my list.

Diabetes made me the person I am. It made me a stronger, more selfconfident person
I have learned to listen to my body and go to the doctor when I need to
It has teached me dicipline
D has teached me to not take things for granted
D has made me get out there and exercise. It has take me awhile to do this, but I am finally doing it.
I like good lab results
I am thankful for this disease. It is managable, and it could be a whole lot worse. In a way, I feel that I have been blessed by it. Because of it, I am actually healthier in so many ways.
And yes, I love when I don’t have to code my meter because the tin is the same as the last one. :slight_smile:

My wife and children inspire me to take control of my D. They expect me to take care of myself, and to test often. They expect me to be around for a long time. My daughter expect me to walk them down the aisle. They expect me to be there to “babysit” their children. My wife expects me to grow old with her and to retire. My wife expects me to travel with her upon retirement.

I likee…

  • The fact it made me realise anything truely can happen, good or bad.
  • I know what ever happens I’ll be okay because I’m overcoming this…
  • I listen to my body, and work with it instead of against it
  • Life isn’t all that bad, I have insulin and a glucose meter. I don’t have a tumour that they can’t remove and a body that can’t fight for its survival.
  • I have amazing feet =) there soft and smooth from all the creaming I give them, it’s summer and the sandals and flip flops are out ahaa

Theres loads more but I can’t think of them all… Ohhh another I’m healthy =)

Diabetes has me eating generally healthier than I probably would otherwise. I like that.