What My Dad told me when I became a diabetic

Ok I got to get this off my chest b/c it bothered me for 38 years now. My dad wasn't totally understanding so I got this from him when I became a diabetic......"U've runined the gene pool and all my g-kids" It sooo hurt. Honestly I think I never really forgave him for saying that. It was in 73 and life was alot different then so I got that from him. Seeing I was an only child and only g-child that hurt me soooo bad. Now I got 2 girls and 3 soon to be 4 g-kids abd yes my oldest daughter is a diabetic. Should have heard my dad when she was diagnosed..Life u know???

Well, technically since he makes up 50% of your genetic makeup, I'd say HE ruined the gene pool far more by making you than you did for merely existing. But I guess I'm mean...

That was a terribly mean thing to say to your child who just got a dx of D. I think you said you were about 10 years old when you were dx. He probably thought it was your fault, that you did something to get it. Sorry to say, I think he was very ignorant. When your older daughter became a D, he probably thought it was your fault too. It is hard enough to deal with strangers who don't understand about D, but your own father. WOW!! You are a wonderful person, wife, mother and g-mother and you are doing the best you can with the problems of D. We all love you here at TuD.

like i told trudy he was a tyrant and yes I was 10 when I was diagnosed. Yes he blamed the d on me. Now he had 2 nices at the time who were Type 1's at the time

THANK YOU!! I've tried to tell him that but it was a no fly with him even back then. NOTHING he done was wrong

Darn Marie, why can parents be like that.

I only hope and pray that I didn't do stuff like that to my kids (they tell me I didn't).

Things like this are beyond our control....the only thing we can decide is how to try and fix things. (advocate for cure and better life for diabetics)

YEa, I am with Aislin, suppose so much was not known about the genetics then, but since he is your DAD, 50% of your genes came from him!!

I really doubt u did Sparky. Ur a GREAT father!

Hi Doris. Here's part of what I wrote on your Profile Page: I read your post, and I must say that your father said one of the most hurtful remarks I've ever heard. On the other hand, maybe also one of the most ignorant. We're so well educated here on TuD that such ignorance seems shocking. I am sorry you have had to live with that kind of remark ever since.

Fortunately you have an outstanding sense of humor. I'm betting on that sense of humor to take the sting out of those words... They really were ignorant. Cheers!

That's one thing that gave me my sence of humor! I thought he was totally nuts!!! LOL! Life huh???

That makes me angry, Doris. And personally, I'm not willing to lay it down to ignorance, but just plain meanness. Even if your child gets something you don't know anything about you just say, "well I don't know what this is but I'll help you get through it". You are one of the sweetest people on here and I'm sorry you heard that all those years ago. I hope maybe sharing it today you can let go of it and know you're a good person and a good mom, and D is just a burden you were handed that you deal with the best you know how. It has no impact on who you are!

Why the hell did I write Marie? I know...it's the dialysis.

Sorry Doris.

Thank U Zoe!! I love that reply. Yes he was plain mean. Life he made it hard for both my mom & me then my daughter

Oh that's Ok. I kinda like being compared to Marie. SHE'S THE GREATEST !!!!

maj\ke that being called Marie! Whoops sorry there! LOL!

Yes, that was a mean thing to say. VERY mean. I am glad you got it off your chest. You did not inheirit his meanness: you are so very kind and sweet, so be so very glad of that. I will call you later.

God bless,

So sorry Doris. I had a dad very similar to yours. It's amazing how long words can stay with you. He was totally out of line with that remark.

Ok Thanks! I'll be waiting for ur call

U got the same name as my mother. Cool! It is mazing how long words can stay with u isn't it?? I'm so sorry ur dad was like mine.