What options are still available for a "vacuum lancelet" ("VacuLance"?) device?

For several years now I've been sparing my worn-out finger sides in favor of lancing my arms ONLY because my endo was able to set me up with a "special" thing called "Ascensia VacuLance". That wasn't my first one, and once they started to "wear out" I discovered that my local pharmacy could just order me one, last time around (on 6/Jul/2007) I ordered it from "Bayer" and it looks just like the picture / description that you see here (http://www.bayerdiabetes.com/us/prodServ/products/microletAuto/index.asp#q2).

But now that it's time to replace it, again, I'm told that "Bayer" ("Ascensia"?) no longer make this as a separate device. Instead they have some sort of thing attached to the glucometer that essentially does the same thing, an obvious ploy on their part to get you to use their lancelet and their strips.

But, of course, we OmniPod folks want to use the OmniPod PDA itself for the testing because it automagically records all the readings and does calculations based on that.

So my pharmacy (CVS.com) say they can't find such a thing, and I've run out of places to look.

What do y'all use?
Surely 99% of you use a vacuum-type device rather than just a pricker, right?

Strange, they are still being sold (http://www.google.com/products?q=Ascensia+VacuLance+lancing+device&hl=en&aq=f). I suspect that it is simply that CVS cannot get it through their normal inventory. Why don’t you contact bayer and ask them for suppliers in your area (http://www.bayerdiabetes.com/us/prodServ/custService/index.asp). In fact, while you are on the phone, tell them you are a fan, but given the difficulty you are considering finding some alternate product. Maybe they can send you a case of VacuLances and help smooth out your bad feelings. Just a thought.

Thanks (“bsc”) for the hot tip about just calling Bayer customer support at 1-800-348-8100 I did exactly that, and was told that “Bayer” (“Ascensia”?) no longer make this as a separate device. Indeed, if you follow the links that come back in searches for this device, you get pages that look like it still exists, but if you click thru and actually try to buy it, you’ll find out that it’s not sold. At least, 2-3 that I tried ‘worked’ that way.

OTHO, when I finally called Bayer customer support they said that they would send me a FREE lancelet device which “does the same thing”, and to make a long story short they not only did that but they also sent me a free Bayer glucometer “just in case” I wanna start using it. The lancelet says “Bayer” and “Microlet 2” on it, and it works really well and is about half the physical size of the VacuLance.