What part does the weather play on diabetes

There must be lots of papers written on how weather affects us as we are mostly made up of water please jump in to correct me as and where I get it wrong,after a good thunderstorm the air seems cleaner fresher and I feel refreshed all over,in weather like we have now snow ice cold I feel low and depressed,when the Sun is shinning and you can go outside in tee shirt shorts and pumps,not heard that word since I was at school some forty eight years ago, school one minute you hated it the next loved it if you had fallen in love again that week,school dinners well we could never afford them but they sure smell good.

Sunshine makes me feel good in myself I do not like to be out in it for long,all those deadly rays they keep telling us about wonder if my ancestors worried about skin cancer perhaps they never knew what it was or cared much well yes they did care but putting food on the table was more important,my skin is very pale, living here does that to you,but I do find changes in weather can make a difference some days we can have sun,rain,snow,ice,fog and mist all on the same day,exaggerating a little but it can change here quite quick,I have to shave more blood tests today,this ones in as many weeks,after the results the doctor will see what drug he can prescribe for my gout or is it gaut that does not seem right all can tell you it is excruciating when it arrives,today is sunny started with a mist snow on the ground and very very cold so I fell good and bad all at the same time.

Speaking of sun I have to get my Angel one of those lights for folks in her case Angel who suffer from SAD is that right she needs more natural sunlight let me know if I have got it wrong,time for that long anticipated wet shave,wish me luck best wishes to you all twiddlemethumbs

Wish all the best of Luck!

Well, semi-seriously: I need more insulin in the winter and summer. Also, being cooped up in bad weather raises my blood sugar, meaning more insulin… We got a little snow today, but can’t really call it being “cooped up” yet.