What percent of diabetics are type 1?

I was wondering if anyone knew what the percent of all diabetics are type 1...



About seven percent in the U.S., and five to ten percent of diabetics are type 1 worldwide.

90-95% are type2s

Of course one must also understand that by some estimates, upwards of 15% of type 2 test positive for autoantibodies (Joslin) and by some measure should be considered type 1. That would mean that 20-25% of diabetics are type 1.

I have a friend that keeps getting changed from typ 2, to typ 1… back again to type 2…she’s not sure what she is

That gives new meaning to type 1.5.

Depends who you believe.

Sorry that was a bit cryptic. My son just woke up from his nap and I had to get him.

I believe this is a controversial question. Some of us, studies have shown between 20% to 29%of all Type 2s, are misdiagnosed and are actually Type 1. T1, by my definition is an autoimmune disease.

I would agree with this. I see so many patients nisdiagnosed with type 2, and are actually type 1. I do not think that data of 95% to 5% is based on antibodies status.