What pump will I get now

I was struggling with the fact that since I’m unemployed, surviving on Unemployment for now, and my insulin pump warranty on my 4+ year old Animas IR1250 ended on October 10, what would I do if it broke down. So I got my Cobra insurance in place now with a high deductible, which I definitely couldn’t afford out of pocket, but got talking with my new insurance company about a SuperWell program they have for diabetics and other people with chronic conditions. Most interesting to me was that they pay the entire cost for test strips and diabetic supplies, so I ordered those. When it came with a booklet about the program I saw it said they supply not only insulin supplies but INSULIN PUMPS as well. So I called in and heard that this would be put in for approval, then got a call from MiniMed who told me the pump would be paid in full by that plan.
So I called Animas and asked about that so they are checking form their end. I haven;'t quite figured out which pump to get, a MiniMed or Animas. Had 2 MiniMeds first (506 & 507c), the Animas since. Each had it’s features, but the Animas was better when I got it. MiniMed seems to have largely caught up, BUT then there’s tehe matter of a CGM with it. IF the insurance will also pay for that I think I want to get it too.
MiniMed has it built into the pump, while Animas doesn’t quite yet, but can be used with a Dexcom 7+ Problem is that Animas still appeals to me, but the Dex 7+ won’t be built into the Ping until sometime in the first quarter of next year (depending…) so it would be awkward, and cost $300 or so next year to get it upgraded, which wouldn’t be covered by insurance.
Of course another thing I find irritating is that the current MiniMed pumps use a proprietary connector, which limits possibilities. Wouldn’t matter otherwise if I can maintain the Cobra plan, but my unemployment will likely drop about as much as the plan costs NOW, and the plan will cost about 3 times as much when the government stops paying 65% of that bill next year.
Can’t seem to win, I guess. Maybe I better just keep going without bothering about the CGM. I’ve survived 53 years without one, and it would only help clear up minor things that catch up with me unexpectedly now and then.

Even though I’m on a Medtronic pump (for now), I went with the Dex.

Some people complain about the Medtronic CGM sensor and I figured if I wasn’t comfortable with the sensor, it wouldn’t be a good experience.

I don’t like having 2 devices and am looking forward to switching to the new Animas pump in a year or so, but can honestly say I have no complaints about the sensor, so I think it was the right call for me.

There are - however - plenty of people in the CGM forum who use the Medtronic and like it. Given your situation, you may be better off getting what you can while you can.