What should I do to celebrate my 1yr since DX

Tomorrow Aug 25 is my one year. What should I do to honor the death of my pancreas that was brutally slain by my immune system. I am thinking a milk shake it has been over a year and my numbers are good A1c steady at 6.0.

Get an empty insulin bottle, over pressure it with air, like really pump the sucker the hell up, and blow a syringe plunger across the room wiith it! Congratulations though!!

I’m gonna have to do that on september 9 (my 1 year “anniversary”) acidrock! Too funny… and my sisters will get a kick out of it :slight_smile:

Oh, and happy one year anniversary :wink:

Happy one year anniversary! I always celebrate, even if in small ways. You are alive. It is post-1922, and we get to live with Type 1 diabetes (if we had been born before 1922, we didn’t have the option). It can be a good life, so celebrate the life.

Actually sounds tempting just to see if it can be done.

I agree w/Melitta. Celebrate your life !! A milk shake sounds good.

So… how was your one year anniversary? Do anything special?



I say thank you for the creation of tools that I use everyday for survival. It will be 39 years in Feb 2012. I’am surviving.

Crack open a can of TAB and enjoy…Congrats.

Well didn’t do much, fixed my AC and stove.

Still want my milkshake

This sounds like fun.

Go for it, with extra icecream and some cream on the side, plus chocolate sprinkles!