What should I do?

I’ve been sick for a week, and I’m not feeling better. More at ladadeeda.com.

I have a 3 day rule that I adopted in my younger years living with D. If it doesn’t improve in 3 days I get medical help. In 2006 I had a cold that seemed to improve but the cough didn’t, I also had a wheeze. I went to the ER and found I had Pneumonia. My advice is to see your healthcare team right away.

Yes, go to a doctor.

Not to scare you, but the extreme tiredness & other symptoms sounds like pneumonia. I’ve had it twice & never felt so lethargic.

When I doubt, call the doc. Hope its nothing serious

Thanks, everyone. I called my PCP this afternoon, and she wants to see me tomorrow morning. I hope it turns out to be a case of me overreacting.

Hope it’s nothing & that you’re feeling better soon. Let us know how you’re doing.

Hope youll feel better soon Shannon. Im glad youre seeing your health prof. soon… Let us know how things will turn out, ok? Take care =)

Thanks for all the support, guys! My PCP suspected a secondary infection and put me on antibiotics (which she almost never does), so I guess I wasn’t overreacting after all. She said that I should start feeling better soon, and to call if I’m not much better by Friday.

So, I’m off to bed to get some much needed rest! Catch you all later.

Rest & feel better soon!

Rest, rest and get more rest… Hopefully you are feeling better!! :slight_smile: