What should I do?

I wake up every night and eat. I assume that my sugar is getting low, but I’m not sure because I’m too out of it to even think about checking it. Right now I take my Lantus before bed, would it be better to do it in the morning or what?

Well, without testing to know what’s happening when you wake up you can’t know if your dose is correct or how much it may need to be changed:) Can you test immediately after you eat when you’re more coherent? Food won’t have an instant effect.

I have an extra meter on the night table.

Lantus dose also depends on your before bed BG & fasting BG, but again difficult to know with eating in the middle of night what’s going on.

A lot of people take split doses of basal with greater success. Despite what they tell us, Lantus & Levemir don’t last 24 hours for most.

Switched Lantus to morning and don’t go low at night now. Plus I sleep better.