What Should You Do When You Have Pre-Diabetes?

My grandma has recently been told that she has pre-diabetes. Does this mean she is definitely going to develop type 2? or does it just mean that if she eats more healthily, loses some weight etc. she might be able to avoid it? she doesn’t seem to understand, which makes me think the doctor hasn’t explained much of this to her.

Pre-diabetes means the pancreas isn’t quite working as it should and a person has higher than normal blood sugar readings. Depending on who you talk to this means you’re a diabetic, or it means you’re pre-diabetic. A lot of people in this phase, with higher than normal but not horrible blood sugars, find that less carbs and a bit of exercise is all they need to delay type 2 for a while - or even a very lonnnng time - depending on the situation.

Technically YES pre-diabetes means you’re going to get type 2 in the future, but it IS possible in a lot of cases to keep T2 at bay indefinitely.

It’s a very individual thing, and your Grandma will have to figure out what works for her. But the best start is knowledge - learn about diabetes, learn about carbohydrates, and look after that body :slight_smile: If your Gran is on the internet (or willing to be!) then that’s a great place to start.

Your Gran is lucky to have you! It’s great that you’re interested enough to help her out :slight_smile:

It would seem to me that if she loses weight and eats a healther diet she might do better. I really don’t know alot about Type 2 diabetes seeing as I’m a Type one. Suggest that to her and see if that will help her. Oh tell her to exersise too.

Overall, her circulation, elimination, endocrine system, lymphatic system, immune system and internal organs are stressed and constipated. Like ‘M’ said, her pancreas ‘isn’t quite working as it should’. If she reads the right books and takes the correct courses of action, she will not get diabetes and she can become very healthy again.

My Husband is a tyoe 2 diabetic with an A1c of 4.7… what this says is that given a change in eating habits, I believe it is possible to be almost undetectably diabetic…I don’t like the tag ‘prediabetes’ I think it fosters a false sense of security in it’s sufferers… to me, it should be called ‘stage 1’ diabetes, as without treatment the disease will progress. It’s all about progression with diabetes and anything we can do to slow or if we are very lucky , halt that progression, will pay off immediately and also a big dividend at the end of our lives… I do not believe there is a cure for T2, but I do believe it can be slowed to an imperceptable pace and I truly believe it is possible to avoid the devastating consequences, if one is lucky enough to find out early enough and act on that information pronto… We are so lucky to have all this information at our fingertips via the internet.
It’s not dying of diabetes that scares me straight— it’s living my last 10 yrs with it uncontrolled…

Please encourage you Grandma to get a jump on it now…she won’t regret it.