What Superhero Power would you want?

I was having an interesting conversation with my husband today. It started off with what we consider the most humane way to eat a Gummi Bear. (I know, I know, but 3 or 4 won’t kill me). I think that you have to bite the head off therefore killing it instantly- no suffering; as opposed to my husband’s method of biting it in the middle.
I know, we are some real deep thinkers. :slight_smile: That’s what made our next topic so noteworthy.

My husband asked me what superhero power I would want. While I was thinking that doosie over, he said “I’d want the power to heal, so you wouldn’t be diabetic anymore”. Well, bloody hell! You better believe I started crying for that one. So my question for you all is: Aside from the ability to heal people, what Superhero power would you want, and if you feel like it, why? The rules for this game are: No one gets hurt or loses money (so if you want the ability to walk through walls to rob a bank- go for it! In this game no one loses).

Yeah, I wanna stretch myself so I can be taller, and not look like I weigh as much… also, steal Bill Gates’ money. lol

I want the speed of Flash… so I can travel to far places in a split of a second…as well as do a lot more activities in a day! (starting with house chores…LOL)

I would love to have the wolverine powers. He can heal himself


I’d travel through space so I can see people whenever I want. I could meet new people too, or just do A LOT of traveling. Hmm, how to carry luggage with my newfound powers?

Well since you mentioned money - which is on my mind right now since I just did my damn taxes and I owe.

I want to have the power to erase people debts and bills that they can’t afford. Esp people with no insurance who can’t afford health care or other basics. Sorry but rich people get ZIP! I will keep fighting for this until monetary equality is reached in this world. The words rich and poor will disappear from the dictionary. Actually even better - could I eradicate the concept of money all together? I would create a world with my superhero powers that money would have no place in.

And if I can’t do that - I want to fly.

Since it’s my discussion, I’ll chime in too! :slight_smile:

Aside from the ability to heal- which I’d totally have… I want the power of premonition. I’m picking winning lotto numbers. I won’t go crazy… just as needed. And for a small fee… I’ll tell you what numbers to pick! :slight_smile:

Teleportation. Not having to commute or pay for airplane fare would be awesome. I’m not sure about the implications for diabetes management, aside from the benefits of stress reduction.