What symptoms do you experience from general sugar swings and or both highs and lows?

I am curious to hear what you actually go through if anything as some lucky diabetics don’t feel the fluctuations like others. Here is a list of what I go through on a regular basis which can vary from day to day in severity. On a side note I usually feel relatively good from diner on as my mornings and days are usually the worst of it.

1. Nervousness/Panic/Anxiety/worry
2. feelings of morbid (the sky seems grey even if its sunny)
3. Severe hunger
4. Strange kind of buzziness
5. Melancholy
6. Severe Irritability
7. Anger
8. Unable to concentrate
9. Kaput sex drive/ability
10. Feelings of hopelessness
11. Flu like symptoms (physical) temperature feels wrong.
12. Depression

This list covers most as most of what I go through with the exception of a once in a while real low where I may become a little lethargy which really is minor compared to most everything listed. No one seems to believe I go through all this but I do! I think I need a transplant!

When I am high (over 200) I feel extreme lethargy, draggy, mentally slow, jelly-kneed as I stumble to the couch, where I go immediately to sleep and have disturbing dreams.

When I am low, my lips feel numb, I am very hungry, feel nervous and agitated, and I can’t think straight.

The weird thing is I’m not on meds or insulin, so there’s no reason I should be going low, and yet the other morning I ate breakfast really early, then felt weird two hours later, and tested 60. That didn’t seem right at all, but my low reading matched my symptoms.

I never had a sex drive to start with so that area I can’t link to being diabetic (since I lacked a sex drive long before I became diabetic).

When I am high I don’t know it, I have no signs of being high what so ever, never have from the get go (can hit mmol 25 and still not know it). But going low can be the same issue to degrees, I to degrees know that I am going low when I start to feel hunger pangs (tested a minute ago coming in from a walk and am hungry sure enough I’m sitting at mmol 6.7).

I do know about being irritable without rhyme or reason behind it, and I will test and be normal, same goes with swings of anger out of the blue, will test and I’ll be normal range.

grumpy,depressed, lazy, sleepy, hard to focus, can basically only concentrate on tv. Anxiety, paranoia, all the fun stuff.

Low - crabby, irritable, shaky, numb lips, itchy, pounding heart
High - exhausted, can’t think straight, blurry vision, legs feel like lead - can’t move fast

It may be that sometimes you are not as resistant to insulin and when you have glucose in your bloodstream your pancreas over reacts which causes the hypoglycemia.

When I am 170 or above I feel like I’m swimming through molasses but can also feel extremely hungry. When I’m low I feel out of it, shaky, heart pounds, gnawing feeling in my stomach.

When I’m really high, I feel very, very tired, and my vision gets blurry. I also become very irrationally crabby - like a 2 year old that doesn’t want to go to sleep?

When I am low, I feel like I’m smoking pot, or something. lol Very mellow, and drunk feeling, and walking topsy turvy. Also, I start feeling pressure on my fingers, and they sort of swell up. They get this hot, swollen feeling. It only happens when I’m low. And like SM Johnson, I’m a Type 2 on no meds and no insulin… I’ve had to keep an eye on it, when I exercise, or before going to bed.

I also have experienced everything you wrote on that list, except a lack of a sex drive. I am trying to find out if it is very common to feel anger or irritability when you are low. A lot of times my lows feel like I am angry. OR my anger feels like a low...but they feel almost the same except the hunger.

High over 200 I get Thirsty, Tired
Low its more just unstable on my feet, sometimes head pain, dizzy
The older I get the faster my sugar can drop, Hot Days can be the worst, I always have some type of sugar with me at all times.
I have always run low more than high though, it is high when I eat extra and don't balance.