What symtoms do you exp and how sensative are u to high & low sugars?

Hi all, I am a newbie here but not to Diabetes. Going on 34 years and still hate every second of it. Its obvious this is not a one size fits all disese so my basic question is what kind of symtoms/ side effects do you experience from the sugar swings? Both me and me pop are insulin dependent and he can run high sugars and not feel a thing and only really feels the real lows where me on the other hand I am wicked sensative and unless my sugars run basically normal I experience symtoms such as real bad anxiety, panic, sadness, buzziness, irritability and starvation which in turn causes feelings of hopelessness and depression. I have been lucky to somehow avoid secondary comps other then my sex drive is in the toilot. Can’t seem to camoflage it in anyway even with alchohol or zanex. I have yet to meet any other diabetics that I’ve spoken too that experience many of the symtoms I experience even just slightly out of range. Its really destroying the quality of my life to where I rarely go out socially anymore and haven’t for years. I stopped testing altogether cause it was way too frustrating and costly. Anyone have a similar experince from this dreaded disease?

Low i get like I am drunk (so I am told–I usually don remember) very talkative and kinda silly and when really low–start slurring my words. When I am high (250 or more) I get very tired

Much testing (and now CGMS due to hypo unawareness) makes my quality of life much better…the less variance I can get in my BGthe better I feel

My biggest problem is FRUSTRATION–my endo says I am very “labile” my mood swings with my BG swings and sometimes is is like being on a roller coaster (I HATE roller coasters)

Slowly but surely it was geting better (bit of a set back this month when my dad died–BG still a bit out of whack), but it has been a lot of work…thankfully I have a very good dr teamand a wonderful hubby and kids (adult)…and OC’s–most especially this one!

I am not much of a social butterfly, so no issues for me their–i’d rather curl up with a sewing or other project —and now my guitar (even though I don’t play well yet)

Think the people around me have the worst of it sometimesas my moods can switch just as rapidly as my BG

I have always been very moody since diagnosed. I also stopped testing for a while, and got very frustrated. Depression and sugar swings in the higher ranges can really mess with libido.