What time of day do you usually change your infusion set?

I’m curious as to what time of day T1Ds typically change their infusion sets. And what’s the rationale?

On one of his videos, Dr Pettus (from TCOYD) said he likes to change it at night so that the infusion set can settle in. At least that’s how I understood what he had said.

I’ve always changed my daughter’s set (on the third day) before breakfast so that I can tell if it’s in correctly and working.
I would really like to hear about other peoples’ routines and their reasoning.

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I usually change it right after I take a shower. My rationale is that it’s the cleanest I am going to be for 24 hours. :grinning:

I also think it helps to bolus right after you put in a new one. So changing right before a meal is a good idea.


I also change before meal or snack, with bolus to confirm its working. Usually on day 3 or 4.
Sometimes same time as pump fill with insulin.

I change mine all sorts of times. Depending when i get my warning and how easy it is to stop and change it.
I leave my old set in for a few hours. Because pulling it out tends to make me go high. I don’t know if it’s because whatever insulin that was in there at the end leaks out or what ever the reason.
So I leave it in disconnected obviously after I start my new one


I try to change mine early evening. That way I don’t get any warnings and I know it’s good for a full day without disturbing me. The only issue I have is I do get busy and forget to change it until close to bedtime and have gotten woken up from a pod not working right.

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I change mine when the pump starts screaming at me. Seldom has any more forethought than that.


I don’t pump anymore but when I was, I would change whenever I changed my reservoir no matter what time of day. I tried to make sure I did not go empty overnight and would change and refill before bed, but I have changed in the middle of the night when I wasn’t paying close attention. For workdays if I thought I would run out I would take a filled reservoir for a mid-day refill and then change set when I got home.

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I like to change in between breakfast and lunch when my BG is heading down and preferably at a time when I’m going to be active.
I don’t like to change before bed because if a site is bad ( which is rare but happens) then it will be much harder to notice and deal with in the night. I also don’t like to change right before a meal because it does sometimes seem to take a little while for a site to be “fully operational”.
Those are my personal preferences, but, of course, life often gets in the way of my following through.

I always change in the morning after I shower. Sometimes a new set takes a few hours to really start working and I run higher. I would not want to change it right before bed because if there is an issue with the set and insulin isn’t being delivered you can end up in serious trouble.

I’m doing it for myself and I don’t follow a set schedule. When my cartridge is down to almost nothing I change it. It could be 5 am or 4 pm. I have been known to bolus my dinner and have only 2 units left but it keeps the basal going. I don’t do that as much now because I often increase basal when eating if needed. Then I will have a new, filled cartridge handy if it stops. It depends in bg etc. It never fails that it almost always happens at the worst time as does anything with D care etc.

Similar to Timothy…except…I have no issue with going high due to changing. If I do go high a bit…it’s usually I believe due to the body adjusting to taking in the insulin from a new entry spot. But…I usually have no issue.

I do usually attempt to get the longest life out of the configuration, so I will ensure the entry point is not aggitated. If it is, I’ll actually change early if necessary.

I also ensure it’s conveinent to me, so NOT in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, unless I will be at home at the time.

I’d rather change when there’s still daylight so I can see bubbles in the tubing better. But mostly I change when the pump starts screaming at me, and that’s working fine.

I change the tubing and infusion site separately. I always change the tubing whenever the reservoir is empty. When an infusion site change is due, I often postpone inserting the new site till bedtime. Of course that’s usually not recommended, but it’s the most convenient time of the day in my opinion.

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I change anytime of day when reservoir is half empty and near/just past reading empty. Averages every 2 1/2 days and never more than 3 days apart.

My change set alarm is 3:30PM. I generally change after dinner between 5 and 7PM. I prefer late afternoon, early evening over morning, because I do stuff in the morning and don’t want to mess with it then.

It’s been very helpful for me to read all these replies. It gives me a broader perspective on the reasons T1Ds change the set at the times of day they do. Most important, it’s helped me “calm down” a bit regarding the infusion set change process. I still dread doing it with my daughter but feel better knowing it must be, at this point, no big deal to you guys.
Thank you!