What to do with an old pump (3 year old Animas Vibe)


I used the Animas Vibe for 3 years and switched to the Dana RS for the loop in conjunction with Dexcom G6.

In Germany my statutory health insurance payed for the pump and the supplies (also for the G4 Sensors), now after 3 years of usage I asked them and they don’t want to have the pump back, neither the manufacturer (Johnson & Johnson/ Animas Corporation).

I should just dispose the pump and everything related.

I know that there are a lot of aid projects looking for insulin and test strips but I couldn’t find any important information in relation to my pump. There are so many territories with no control or public institutions if you get diagnosed with diabetes it means that you’re dead.

So I’m looking for information where I can help with the pump, there are still cartridges available and the pump is using a Luer-Lok connection, so that wouldn’t be a problem that the device itself is not supported anymore.

Many thanks in advance!