What to do with old meters?

So I have maybe 5 old meters. Can anyone suggest what to do with them? I don't like to throw something in the trash if it can be reused. My insurance keeps changing which meter is covered, and then I no longer use the old ones.

I had a spare, still wrapped in plastic, and had it for sale at a garage sale and some lady stole it! It was kind of weird. I usually just have the meters I use and don't bother collecting freebies too much so I don't have a lot of old ones. I have a spare Bayer one I've tried but didn't find that spectacular so I've stuck w/ the One Touch Ultra Minis b/c I like the size.

I sold six of them at a yard sale and they went fast. The pump companies are always sending me the latest meter that works with the pump, but I use AccuCheck because I get the strips for free at the military pharmacy and have to pay for other types.

I have one extra meter I keep as a back up.

Unfortunately, most "official" places that accept donated medical supplies will only take unused meters. About the only thing you could really do is give them away to friends and neighbors. Personally, I don't have any problem just throwing them away. I've never actually paid for a meter, the meter companies give them away. So the value of a new meter is zero, the value of a used meter is even less.

Thanks for the replies. the test strips are the expensive thing, so whichever meter is "prescribed", I can get 15 dollar strips. If I paid out of pocket, they would cost about 100 dollars! I dont "collect" them, but everytime my insurance changes which meter they cover I have to get a new one, hence my collection.

My first tester was from the 1970s and I still have reflolux S and i think it could still work but dont think you can buy the strips anymore lol.In all i have about ten testers that have gone out of date or have been changed by my clinic.