What to do with the iv3000 1-hand?

I am a little lost here !!!

  1. first I Cleaned the site with the “I.V.Prep Antiseptic Wipe”

  2. then I put the ReliaMed “Protective Bafrrier Wipe” on the site

  3. In the past I then put the Inset on with the inserter.

I now need to add “IV3000 1-Hand” into the equation. I am not sure which sequence it should go in, and should I cut a hole in the middle of it, so the needle can penetrate, or will the needle go thru the this material of the iv3000?

I will cut a hole this time, and hopefully someone will give me guidance before the next time it is due.

Thanks for any help,.

I am not sure. May I ask what these are all for? I only use an alcohol swab when I do a set change.

I am assuming you are prepping for a MM pump. The IV3000 is folded in half twice to make a whole. I used to do this but now have a different type and don’t do this . Need more info. Hope that helps.

The IV 3000 sheet is there to seal the insertion set to the skin. The insertion set has adhesive on it, but if it gets even slightly wet, it can pull away from the skin and the cannula will slide out, so putting the sheet over it will keep it dry and secure. Here’s what you do:

First, WITHOUT REMOVING THE PAPER COVERS, fold it in half and cut a hole in the center about 1/2" on the long side and 1/4" on the width, so that when you unfold it, you’ve got a hole roughly the same size as the little do-hickey that your pump tubing clips onto. Then, lay it over the insertion set, with the folded paper face down, so that the aforementioned do-hickey goes through the hole you’ve cut; this puts the iv Hand sheet over the white adhesive circle that the do-hickey rests upon, as well as about 1/4" of skin beyond it. Remove the paper from the underside to expose the adhesive, and press the sheet to the skin. Then peel the paper from the non-adhesive side away. If you’ve done it right, the sheet covers the adhesive circle, but the do-hickey that the clip attaches to is uncovered.

You should be aware that if you bathe with the insertion set in, the sheet may come loose if you stay in the water too long. I find that if I keep my little son in the bathtub for more than say 10 minutes, the sheet crinkles up and then it’s likely that the insertion set pulls loose. He’s too little for showers so if you shower, you probably won’t have the same issue, just don’t let it get too wet for too long. If it does, you can sometimes remove it and replace it without disturbing the insertion set, but you have to be really, really careful about peeling it off.