What to do with used Dexcom receivers and transmitters that doesn't just add to landfill

Does anyone know if these can be sent somewhere for recycling? I’m not talking about sensors, just the other two parts of the system.

I personally breakdown the inserter and place the 2 long needle parts in my Sharps container. The balance of the plastic I recycle like normal. The transmitters I open up, change the batteries, reseal and run them until the circuit board breaks. I also use XDrip+ since my Dexcom receiver will not recognizer the transmitter after a battery change.

Many places accept computers, televisions, cell phones and rechargeable batteries for recycling. These items can either be refurbished or disassembled to recycle the various materials such as glass, metals and plastic. Unfortunately neither the receivers or transmitters are good candidates for refurbishing or recycling. Refurbishing is way to hard and is illegal. And neither transmitters or receivers likely contain enough readily available material to make recycling worth it. There really isn’t much option except throwing them in the trash.

The new insertion system (not released yet) is expected to include a recycling option for the inserter.

The receiver is just another electronic component like a cell phone or computer. Many municipalities have electronic drop-off locations to collect these sorts of items.

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