What to eat after removal of gallbladder

i am diabetic patient i was admitted at the hospital because of gallstone seen within the gallbladder and early cholecystitis and they remove gallbladder yesterday morning now i am having a serious pain feel like i cant sleep and became dehydrated .maybe you can advice what to drink and eat to release the pain and to go back to normal

Oooh, this is pretty serious. Didn’t they talk to you about diet? You ought to see a dietitian immediately. Demand to be seen immediately.

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Short version is that if you’re having that kind of pain, you should definitely call your surgeon immediately and see whether something might have gone wrong. It could be quite urgent. Every surgery I’ve ever had came with advice that you should do that if you’re having unexpected or excessive pain.

As far as diet goes, nope, there’s nothing special there—my wife and I have both had ours out, hers because of stones and mine because of an unrelated abdominal operation and the gallbladder was basically in the way. Neither of us had any complications and no dietary recommendations were made. It’s basically a vestigial organ.

BTW, welcome to TUD! Hope you stick around, and do let us know what you find out from your doctor.