What to eat before a race?

I have LADA and am training for my first 1/2 marathon in 2 weeks. Need some help with what to eat the day of the race. Currently, my system is working great. I am in a very long honeymoon and don’t need to bolus for breakfast if I go and run within 15-20 minutes of eating. Now I am eating a bowl of rice chex right before I run. The high glycemic breakfast plus a bit of protein in the milk are great. I also use GU for longer runs (7+ miles) after about 4 miles in. Blood sugars have been great.

BUT, what do I do for race day? We will leave our house around 4:15am, the race starts at 6:30am. The corrals open at 6am. I don’t want to eat a bowl of rice chexs at 5:45am and have my blood sugar get too high before the race starts. But I’ll need to eat something. Any tips? Something slower glycemic so I don’t spike too much before the race? This week is my last long run before the race and I want to eat the same thing I’ll eat on race day.

I always eat old fashion oatmeal before long runs. It has always worked well for me providing sustained energy rather than a spike I might get from a bagel, toast etc… Are you running the Chicago Rock n Roll 1/2? I’ll be there running the 1/2 with some friends. I’m also training for the Denver Rock n Roll Marathon on Oct 9. The timing with the race is definitely a factor. I’ll need to figure that out as well. Might try to take oatmeal with me to the race. Good luck!

Great idea, I hadn’t thought of oatmeal. I have celiac also, but do great with GF oats. Maybe I’ll make some in a thermos or something and eat in the parking garage. I’ll definitely try it for our last long run this week.

Yes, I’m running Chicago Rock and Roll 1/2 with my husband – it’s both of our first time running a 1/2 marathon, and if all goes well we’re planning on signing up for the Chicago marathon next year. We’ve been so inspired by my sister who did her first Ironman last year and we’ll be cheering her on at the Louisville IM this year. She’s going to run Chicago with us next year.

Good luck with your training!

Hey there! How did your first 1/2 go? I thought it was a great race! It was my 3rd 1/2. I set a new personal best 1:38. It definitely helps that I train in Colorado. Did you try oatmeal? If so did that work out well for you? It worked like a charm for me. Great energy throughout the race and finished with my BG at 140.

Thanks, we had a great race and finished, which was the goal! I was not prepared for the tapering week. My insulin levels have always been set for working out, which I do 5-6 days a week. The taper week I ran 4, 3, then only 2 miles and my blood sugar did NOT like that. I started running high Thursday and Friday had to start taking more Novolog, and still was in the 200’s. I woke up Sunday at 107 (very happy with that) and I did have the oatmeal about an hour before the race. I am sure my blood sugar was sky high at the start (oatmeal + adreneline), but I started feeling better by mile 4 and ended the race at 126. So I learned a lot, next time I’ll be a little more prepared for the taper week! Glad you had a good race too.