What to expect at the Endo

I will have tomorrow an appointment with my PCM to get a referal to an Endo because we think it’s time for me to switch to pumping.
I already have my mind set on the Omnipod and I would really like to get a CGM too. What will I have to expect at the Endo? How log will it take to get the prescriptions? Will there be a chance to wear a test pump and CGM ( had the Omipod Dummy already)?
Do I need to meet any certain criteria to get the insurance cover the costs for both?(Tricare) hould I contact Insurance first and see if they would pay?
Sorry, so many questions…

Good luck at the endo. Hopefully you will get approved very quickly. It took me three days from the time the paperwork was filled out until my pump was shipped. I was really impressed with the the speed. I know of others that have waited for a month or more, as Dave said. It all depends on your insurance and the pump company. I had a phone call within two hours from the time I faxed the paperwork in to Medtronic verifying information.

One thing I can say is it will change your life from what you currently know as treating your diabetes.

Thanks your postings are encouraging. I never thought I would be excited about pumping :slight_smile:

Me either Christine. I really felt like a little kid at Christmas the day my pump arrived. It has changed the way I deal with the D. I have much more flexibility than I ever thought possible. I don’t have the CGMS and probably will not get that for awhile. But reading posts on this site, most are pretty happy they got it. Again, good luck. Kkeep us posted how it goes.

update, referral for Endo is on the way. My representative from Insulet already emailed me order form and contact data for an insurance reimbursement specialist within insulet. Hope the Endo I’ll see is pro Omnipod if not I will keep searching till I find one;)
Guess next step is to contact DexCom.

Yay… good news :slight_smile: Hopefully you can get in and be seen fairly quickly… I’ve changed docs a LOT over the time I’ve been diabetic and it’s always been a pretty long wait to get an appointment with a new Endo, but I never actually had a referral (never needed one with my insurance, but I’m sure it would have granted me some priority status in terms of scheduling).

I think in general, MOST endos who are pro pump really do not have a strong bias towards one or the other… it’s about what you as the pump user would prefer.

Got my referral today, that was fast! Call tomorrow for appointment.
As I understood now from Dexcom and Omnipod I fill out their request forms and bring them to the doc to sign and they do the work with the insurance company…

Assuming that your new Endo will sign off on it, yes, that’s how it works :slight_smile:

Your insurance however, may require proof that you’ve completed “diabetes education” before your pump approval though. It’s usually not that big of a deal… I had to do it because I had no proof of what I did 8 years ago… basically it required an extra visit with my CDE and with a dietician.

Called today and got appointment for Oct 29…guess I get a big lab done before the visit and this gives me time to write the log…
I went through so many education classes I can’t count…funny thing everyone tells you something else about what and what not to do…I have no records about classes of course but wouldn’t mind doing another one. Since all my classes happened in germany anyway it may be interesting to see what they teach me here:)

Just want to give an update…had my appointment last Thursday and Friday my paperwork for the Omnipod went out…now we have to wait and see…

Just another question…my Endo told me they do pump therapy but have no experience with the Omnipod, but she was very positive about it and no problem getting her ok. So if I get approved by my insurance will it be enough to get the OmniPod peoples support on it or do you think I need to look for a clinic where they have OmniPod experience?

Dave, does all insurance companies deny the pump classes. If I am a first time user that would concern me. You and your wife have been doing this for a while. For a newbie I would think the insurance would cover.

I went to my Endo appointment on the 18th of Oct and told them I wanted to go on the pump. She said I will write the Rx and by the time I got home I had a message from Minimed to call about my insurance coverage. I went on a short vacation and the next week I had my pump. So it’s up to your Doctor and how fast they react and how good your insurance company is in approving. I have BCBS. No problems.

ok , I faxed the paper work in Friday a week ago and got an email Monday from my Omnipod rep that he received the papers. Haven’t heard anything yet but not surprised since we have Tricare and like always military gets the worst of all…lol Probably will take us month…

update - like expected Tricare is a pain in the behind (be careful what you wish for with government run healthcare). They want more data - more A1Cs, more logs, doctors transcripts…grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

oh great my Omnipod rep just emailed me Tricare wants 12 month of logs!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr, I better start typing…