What to use to secure dexcom sensor?

Unfortunately, if the message really means what it says, the excess activity isn’t coming from you but from another user of the same ISP. You might need to contact your ISP and ask if their logs show a lot of activity, from one of their users, to tudiabetes.org.

The name tudiabetes.org actually connects to a server within the googleusercontent.com domain. I assume this means that tudiabetes.org is hosted on a Google-run platform, though I know next to nothing about Google hosting. It does mean that this message is probably generated by Google host software.


Use this link to order Dexcom overpatches. You can also go to the Dexcom ‘contact’ page to find this link. It’s a shame Dexcom does not make this product more obvious.

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Thanks. I couldn’t find any link on the Australian website or any mention of overpatches there. So I just brought some online waiting for delivery. I have some tegaderm patches I can use in the meantime if they don’t arrive in time but I don’t think tegaderm will be too durable as the edges tend to come up after day 2 or 3

Which reminds me, on parts of my body, I seem to have a reaction with tegaderm. It starts turning red around the edges of the tape on day 2-3. But only on places like the lower back and thighs.

Is this an allergic reaction? If so why doesn’t the entire part where tegaderm tape covers also turn red ? It’s only around one corner that is red and the center part is fine. And how is it that places like my tummy is fine and has no reaction. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I do not know why you would experience a rash on only some areas. Possibly some areas of skin may be more sensitive if used with patches or needle/sensor sticks regularly, or clothes are irritating the area, or skin may be reacting to an ingredient contained in Tegaderm dressings. You might want to try a different patch. Perhaps your physician or pharmacist could help you research this. I use Skin Tac Wipes and the nearly useless Dexcom patches (i must use them with the Skin Tac). Hope you find a workable solution! https://www.amazon.com/Skin-TacTM-Adhesive-Barrier-Wipes-count/dp/B002NSCHY4

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I get bacterial infection around the edges of tagederm. So I don’t use them. It would just make a red square but not from allergy to adhesive. Because the whole thing would be red. My doctor told me the edges. That get wet are allowing bacteria to grow. I don’t have this issue with iv3000 or with the minimed patches or with the dexcom patches. Just tagederm


This is exactly what I’m experiencing. But I don’t get a full square, only a corner or two and doesn’t happen in other areas. Maybe I should try iv3000, but these are not that readily available here in Australia and quite costly compared to tegaderm. I was wondering whether I’m better off getting a roll rather than a pre cut patch. It’s certainly more cost effective. Looking at the instructions I suppose it works the same except I have to cut them myself?

I’ve never seen anything but the precut patches with iv3000.
I buy them in a big box. They are covered by my insurance so they cost 5 dollars for 50 of them.

Dexcom gives them maybe if you research the part number you can get them. I got 10 for free.

The dexcom ones have a hole in the center which I like but I normally put the patch down first and poke through it.
The iv3000 works great for this because it’s big and anchors better.

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I’m talking about the likes of this, i’m actually not sure whether iV3000 comes in a roll though since you haven’t seen it before.

I have used Smith & Nephew’s Opsite Flexifix in the past, before i learned about Skin Tac and the Dexcom free patches. I row, swim, go to gym (pre-Covid) and frankly found nothing really stays on me that securely. Even if i’m just sitting around the house. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I have to regularly re-tape/re-patch the sensor. Medtronics pump infusion set stays on just fine. Everyone’s body chemistry is different so for each product, your mileage may vary. :wink:

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I don’t think iv3000 comes like that. It is much thinner and more flexible than that.

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I use either Lexcam orNot Just a Patch overpathces depening on whether I need water proof or not. Lexcam is similar to Dexcom overpatches. Not Just a Patch is removable without pulling off the sensor.

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Hi Timothy,

For the Dexcom adhesive patches, do you get them directly from Dexcom, then they bill your insurance? My insurance covers a lot of my supplies but I contacted Edgepark and CCS and neither could find any type of “patch” that would work for either OmniPods or Dexcom. I went as far as having the rep Google “GrifGrips” to reference my request, but neither one could get GrifGrips or any similar product, so I gave up.

I might reach out to Dexcom and reference the product you showed.


Skin-Tac wipes. I often have to rip the sensor off, even after 15 days. Works almost too well.

I wipe/apply it to the entire area, let it air out a bit, and insert sensor.

Here is link to online request. No need to call.

I ask for over patches when I order my quarterly sensors.
They send them separately though however but never charge me anything for them.
I think it depends on which country you live in though.
I use my over patches as under patches though they just give that much bigger surface area to hold on to.

When I have put things over my sensors they tend to get irritated because water will collect and can’t dry, irritating my skin.

GifGrips are the best. Not covered by insurance but I use them for my sets and occasionally CGM.