What type of Insulin do you use in your Minimed pump?

I have historically been prescribed Novolog for my pump. Makes sense because I’ve been told that it has a higher temperature threshold than Humalog. Is it okay to use Humalog in the pump?? Read below…

I’m living in Uruguay currently and have my first Endo appt on Tuesday. I know that Humalog is readily available here- but I have no idea about Novolog. My pump supplies are available through a local distributor, but from what it sounds like, there aren’t too many people that use this pump in Uruguay (there are only 3 mil people in the country and these supplies are very expensive in UY).

There are people using the Minimed Paradigm pumps at the hospital that I am going to- but I’m really not sure if Novolog is available at all and if it’s acceptable to use Humalog in the pumps. Any thoughts? Is there another type of insulin that you use in your pump?

We’ve been using Humalog in Eric’s pump with no problems at all. I don’t see any reason why it would be an issue, as long as you pay attention to temperature and don’t let it get exposed to anything >80 degrees F (you’d have to do that no matter which insulin you were using).

I used Humalog in my Minimed pumps (the 508, the Paradigm 712, and the Paradigm 715) from 2000-2005 with no problems. Then I used Apidra from 2005-2008. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to use it.

I’ve been using Humalog in my Medtronic Minimed pump for 4 years with no problems. It’s what my doctor originally prescribed for me. I think it’s very normal to use any of Humalog, Novalog, or Apidra in pumps here in the US.

Hi Lisa, I have been using Humalog since it was avalible for first time ~ year 1996, so for me Humalog was amaizing and powerfull help to control my blod sugar. I started to pump one year ago MM722, and Humalog still working very good. My only recomendation is always cover your pump reservoir in use on the pump from direct sun light or heat. So one trick can be something like never carry your pump in a pocket in order to keep it fresh an cooler. regardless of Humalog or Novolog boot are proteins and the sun light or the heat can make them not work propely
Storage temperatures betewen 2~8C and less than 30C for insuling on use insuling are allmost the same in the literaure that came with the insulin (Humalog or Novo) vials
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When I started on the Pump, 2 years ago I used Humalog. I had a little difficulty getting the BG’s down. So my Endo suggested changing to Novolog. Things still have’nt changed. So I quess it was’nt the insulin . But both are suitable for the Pump

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There are no big differences between this two insulins, although doctor tell that Novolog has higher resistancy to heat. I myself use Apidra… had no problems with it so far…


Thanks everyone! I have my appointment this afternoon so I’ll it’ll be interesting what I am told here.

I had never even heard of Apidra before this post. A prefect example of why we post questions like these!! Any other types of insulin that people use with the pump?

Those are the three biggies: Apidra, Novolog, Humalog. I used R once in my 508 pump in an emergency while abroad, but it’s not typically a good choice - it was just all I could get my hands on.