What was your Aha! moment?

Some have been motivated to control their D from day one. My hat is off to them.....the rest of us may have had an Aha moment that made us decide to get the D in better control.

What was yours?

I think… I have been motivated since day 1, because I got my Aha moment way before I even got Diabetes… and that was seeing my father deteriorate from a healthy, strong man, into someone who couldn’t walk anymore, who went blind, had to undergo dialysis, and actually developed dementia/alzeheimer’s like symptoms. It made this disease very real to me. It was not… Aha enough to get me to get crazy about taking care of myself, when he died (and I didn’t have Diabetes, back then)… I just somehow thought I was never going to get it. But I did… And THAT was my Aha moment.

My Aha moment was when I was told by my doctor that I might have damage to my eyes and I had just passed my driving test.It was not like I used to just ignore it but I was busy with life and never gave it much thought unless I felt funny.
So having damage esp to my eyes was that wake up call that I needed.

My education or aha moment came after 40 years because the information was finally available to me. It was like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve been pursuing the truth ever since.

So this may have been your silver lining to a very dark cloud? I never thought of an Aha moment coming before the dx. Thanks for sharing!

We all get busy and the D does take time, that’s for sure!! Glad you got the wake up call.

Betty, tell us more. Where did the information finally come from?

I guess… I always think I’m going to beat this thing into the ground, and giving it what it’s worth, for my dad… and all my friends and loved ones it has taken.

My Endo sent me to a CDE and he is the one who opened a whole new world for me. Also the internet has helped form friendships with others living with D.

I hear you. I have lost of friends from camp and it does make you want to get the upper hand. I go on DBD 20 mile bike rides. DBD = diabetes be damned!!

I just love a good CDE!!! I double love a a good CDE that is also a diabetic. How long ago was your first visit to the CDE?

About 12 years ago and yes he himself is a T1…oh yea he trained me for pumping…love him

Great question Brenda!
I had a couple of things that contributed to my moment…
Neglect-I went for 7 years without going to a doctor. A very unwise decsion. I am thankful every day that I am not paying the price for being neglectful of my diabetes.
Love–found my love and was planning to get married.
These things made me wake up and smell the coffee, see the light and say A-HA!

I know the feeling Scott! I had more than one Aha moment and one of them involved getting married. I also had my years of neglect. Maybe not so much neglect as pure sabotage. Regardless the source the result is still the same.

My future. My boyfriend is a health nut and when he found out I was diabetic, he wanted to learn everything. I couldnt be a bad example of everything he read not to do! Plus, we are looking forward to starting a family

Rude nurses abound…but luckily the good ones way outnumber the bad ones!! I once had a tough time with a supervisor and co-worker who plotted to get me demoted based on diabetes related issues. (My performance was never in question.) Neither gentleman took care of themselves. I made it my mission to outlive both of them. They are both still living so I guess I will just keep taking care of myself!!

Isn’t it nice to find someone who make you want to just “do it better”!! Good luck on the pg planning.