What was your breaking point?

i’m sure almost every diabetic has had a point in their life they just wanted to scream!! what was yours??

mine was one morning when i was taking my lantus injection. i don’t know about anyone else but lantus really stings me when i take it. my dr said it’s because lantus has a higher acid level and my skin was just really sensitive to it. anyway…the injection hurt so bad that i finished the shot and proceeded to throw the syringe across the room followed by both caps and as hard as i could. i think i yelled at the top of my lungs then bursted out in tears not because of the pain but because i was truely mad. good thing nobody was home to witness this or i would have been sent to the looney bin!!

Amanda, I have a meltdown about my diabetes just like this at least once a year. I’m glad you told us about it, because I know, personally, just how you feel! I’ve never taken Lantus, but I’ve heard if you let it come to room temp before you take it, it doesn’t sting as much. I think Kristin mentioned this, you can ask her, she’s a wonderful member here. Anyway, I’m hoping that you’ll have a better day tomorrow.

My breaking point was when I couldn’t keep my blood sugar up no matter what I did and I ended up in the e.r. Later that night when I got home I threw my insulin pump because I was so frustrated.

the only time i take it cold is when i get a new bottle out of the fridge. in this case it was room temp…it just plain HURT!! haha thanks for the advice though!! :slight_smile:

good thing they make those things pretty tough!!

Oh man, you know how many times i wanted to do that?lol

Made me feel better but I wouldn’t recommend doing it on a regular basis. LOL

Breaking points with tears : have had a " few " in the past 26 years. I do have a very knowlegdable , sensible pump nurse and a supportive hubby to remind me of her suggestion , when things get hairy …when I started pumping in 2001 …I was ready to pull the tubing out several x several times …her calmness won me over : " record the incidence on the calendar …look at again 2 weeks later and check how you feel then " …this gal is still pumping and don’t want it any other way , other than the CURE .

Amanda, if you don’t scream, and if you don’t smash a bottle of lantus or 2, you WILL end up in the lo0ony bin, it’s the containment of that kind of frustration that does the damage. I stopped just short of stomping my meter, but I have let out blood curdling screams before.

Little annoyance like this get to me too. They just build and build and eventually it just makes you lose it!

I’ve had fits before from not being able to get my fingers to bleed. I probably poked about 10 times, and just plain did not want to change my lancet. Very silly, but I was tired and it threw me over the edge!

My husband and I almost divorced over hand washing. Definitely a “breaking point” for us! We laugh about it now, but at the time we had a horrible fight… we’d had a long week and I’d just gone on rapid-acting and hubby was terrified of having me go hypo. He asked me to check my blood sugar before bed. I said “OK”. He then asked “do you think you should wash your hands?”

My hands were getting dry & sore from washing them so much… he thinks I should wash every single time I check blood sugar, but when you’re checking 8 times a day, it gets difficult. I said “no, they’re clean, it’s been hours since I touched any food or anything.” So I checked blood sugar, it was fine, we went to bed.

5 minutes later he says “I am worried it was wrong, you didn’t wash your hands.”

I say “Look, it was fine. My hands are clean, the number was not off in any way, I think it’s fine, can I please go to sleep?”

And he got huffy… I snapped back… you know how these things go, suddenly he’s telling me he might as well just call a divorce lawyer since I’m obviously not taking care of myself and he doesn’t want to live with someone who doesn’t care about her health. I finally get up, wash my #$!@#$ hands, take my blood sugar… and it’s exactly the same as it was before bed. I threw the meter at him and told him that if he ever mentioned washing my hands again I’d call the divorce lawyer myself.

We both woke up the next morning feeling sheepish and stupid… what a dumb thing to fight about… but that’s how it always goes, I swear we never fight about anything that matters at all, it’s always hand washing or who let the dog out or whose turn it is to do the dishes!

I had one of the many today during lunch… I went to go change my pump site (im using the cleos) and I went through 5 different sites before one would stick… my stomach looks like a bloody landmine because of it. It was the end of my box too so I was in tears calling the cozmore company… they are sending a new box to me on monday

i’ve so been there too with my fingers. you just keep poking and poking and poking…

oh i’ve almost stomped my meter before too. instead i just resort to yelling “i hate you” at it and i feel better haha

i also remember a time when i was in my early teens. my mom was actually the one to reach her breaking point and she’s not the diabetic one!! i absolutely refused to test my sugar before my dinner. i’ve seen my mom angry before but she’s usually the silent type when shes angry. i’ve only seen her truely yell at the top of her lungs at me twice and this was the one time!! i got scared and got up and tested.
sure enough then the next morning i woke up to a huge poster board sign hanging above my meter that read “TEST YOUR BLOOD!” in big huge bold black letters.
i find it funny now but everytime i don’t feel like testing when i should i get images of that sign and i test!! thanks mom :slight_smile:

I’m passive aggressive in relation to my D, when it gets to me I just ignore it completely, it always wins though.

This makes me laugh - and cry! I’m the mom of a teen with type 1 (she just passed her 10-year “anniversary”). I KNOW she’s gone through many breaking points during her short life, and have certainly see her react the same way, Amanda and Sarah! She’s got one more year before going off to college and I’m scared to death she’ll have a “breaking point” while away from home :frowning:
I’m glad, Amanda, that things your mom did stuck with you! I’m a big nagger (trying so hard not to be) and truly only wish I could take the disease away from her (and all of you who deal daily with the crap diabetes hands you so unpredictably)…

I’m new to all this…
But when no matter what i try or do I can’t get my levels undercontrol & then I get all emotional and want to give up. The most annoying point of it though is I can’t give up, because I just feel worse.
Annoyinngly frustrating…

no, please please nag!! i know it seems like you are bothering her and i know she probably gets frustrated but she will thank you one day. my mom doesn’t know this but i thank her almost every day for being so involved and pushing me when i didn’t feel like pushing myself. she gave me soo much strength to deal with this!! if your daughter is responsible with her actions she will do great at college don’t worry!!

My breaking point was 8 years ago. I had been diagnosed with retinopathy but the doc said it was “treatable” with laser and I should have no further problems. I got the treatment and a couple of weeks later noticed the vision in the treated eye was getting worse. I went to the doc and he said “well, this is extremely rare, but you’ve got a completely detached retina - the lazered vessels shrunk and pulled it off he back of the eye - this is very serious and you’ll need surgery this afternoon”. I was in such a daze that I walked home, 5 miles, and don’t really recall how I got there. I had been promised that the retinopathy was going to be taken care of, and then this happened. (I am getting very upset revisiting this memory).
So, I had the surgery and laid face down for 7 days, not moving. There was no guarantee how much vision I’d recover. I moved through the days in lala land, even after I returned to work. It was just too much to handle emotionally.
But, I got over it. Six months later I was declared to be one of the docs “most dramatic success stories”. I have been fine ever since. But to this day, when somebody tells me that something is fixable, I don’t trust them…