What was your fasting Blood Sugar this morning?

I was 72mg/dl this a.m…was a beautiful day with blood sugars that followed… 104 ,96 ,73 ,84:) I’m cured! Havn’t checked this evening…probably 200!


115 no meds

After a really good couple of weeks ==> 144 :frowning:


234 =[


117! Great! 2 hours after B 178, but it was 117! Yay me!

135 (and amazingly it stayed 135 throughout the night! instead of crashing… constantly! Wahoo!)

97… WAHOO!!!

Just a f/u…tested after posting this and watching a little TV…and meter said 378! I actually thought it was odd, but I had had a special dinner, little wine, etc. and mayyybe I had miscalculated the CHOs. About 5 mins later…I decided to double check since the number was sooo high (I know, should always do this!) and it was really only 77! Spent time trying to keep my blood sugar from going through the floor…slept w/ Smarties on my nightstand:) Just a reminder to always double check…before delivering a correction bolus.

This morning I tested 74…but, a little fogey given crazy night of lows after delivering correction bolus on a wrong meter reading! Always clean your finger before testing:) after feeding gummy bears to your nieces and nephews!

143, too much living yesterday.



155 whoa!

3.4 mmol/l - 61 mg/dl


135 - huge improvement from what it’s been. I guess this insulin stuff really does work. :slight_smile:

107 AT 0600